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“I made a fuss” LG camp passionate coach who captivated the camera 

 “It was a mess.” 안전놀이터

The sweet voice of LG Coach Min-ho Kim resonated throughout the camp today.

On the 7th (Korean time), the LG Twins held a spring camp at the San Francisco Giants Baseball Complex in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

The field team was divided into three groups and had batting training.

Coach Min-ho Kim, along with coach Yong-geun Park, taught the bunt, fake bunt and slush movements.

When the players entered the cage and hit, he did not spare his neck for the players, saying “Oh my god”, “Harder~”, “Ah~ good”, etc.

In addition, he helped me grow by explaining the parts that were lacking, including posture correction.

Captain Oh Ji-hwan said of coach Kim Min-ho, “He is very cool and many players want to experience training with him,” and was grateful to receive the coach’s guidance.

He also smiled, saying, “The camp period is a process of preparing for a year, so there are parts that can be a little boring, but he knows exactly that, energizes the players and makes them think positively in all areas.”

As coach Kim Min-ho’s voice grows louder, the players’ fighting is overflowing.

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