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“I want you to relax… ” The indolence seen even in the eyes of the enemy, was the promise two months ago a lie?

“I will work harder to grow as a player.”

Just two months ago, Kang Baek-ho (24, KT Wiz) incited public outrage for his bone head play that forgot the basics. In March, he hit a double in the first game against Australia in the WBC (World Baseball Classic), and then fell off his foot while celebrating at second base, and suffered an unfamiliar ceremony death. His unprofessional play poured cold water on the pursuit atmosphere in Korea, and after the game, he became a mockery of world baseball. Korea could not overcome the shock of losing against Australia and was eliminated in the first round.메이저사이트

Kang Baek-ho stood in front of the reporters at the time and lowered his head again and again. “It was a play that shouldn’t have been shown,” he said. I felt sorry for disappointing the fans who had been looking forward to it and for not being able to show good results. I want to show a good image to many people. I will work harder to grow as a player and become a player with good humanity as a person,” he promised to prevent the recurrence of bone head play.

Kang Baek-ho did not stop there and apologized to baseball fans once again in Suwon after returning to Korea. He said, “I feel sorry and sorry for showing a bad image. He is still reflecting. This Taegeuk mark was very disappointing. I’m sorry,” he repeated.

[OSEN=Jamsil, Reporter Park Joon-hyung] At the end of the 5th inning, runner Park Hae-min, who arrived at 3rd base when LG Kim Hyun-soo hit first base safely, dug into the gap in KT’s defense and succeeded in scoring a tie. KT players look puzzled at Park Hae-min’s score. 2023.05.18 /

However, in just two months, Bone Head Play, which forgot the basics, came out again. For a player who apologized multiple times, his play, expression and attitude were too lazy. It was the bottom of the 5th inning against LG in Jamsil on the 18th. With KT narrowly leading 3-2, starter Ko Young-pyo got a left-handed hit from leader Park Hae-min, and then met Kim Hyun-soo and allowed a right-handed hit. Right fielder Kang Baek-ho caught Kim Hyun-soo’s batted ball, and first base runner Park Hae-min passed second base and reached third base with quick feet.

A safe first and third base situation was expected, but the result was Park Hae-min’s score. Kang Baek-ho, perhaps expecting Park Hae-min to stop at third base, took the batted ball and slowly walked out, then threw a high parabolic line toward second baseman Jang Joon-won. Taking advantage of that gap, Park Hae-min stepped on the groove. Jang Jun-won, who belatedly received Kang Baek-ho’s Arirang throw, looked at the home, but it was after Park Hae-min had already scored. It was a painful 3-3 tie.

Park Hae-min, whom we met after the game, said, “I always try to go one more base when playing base. If I see an opponent gap, I try to aim for it,” he said. “I stepped on third base and overrun, but (Kang) Baekho walked in and tried to throw it. His throwing form itself didn’t seem like he would throw it hard, so he let it loose, so he just ran. He played boldly under the judgment that it would be a game at home,” he explained the situation at the time. It was Kang Baek-ho’s indolence that was clearly visible even in the eyes of the enemy.

[OSEN=Jamsil, Reporter Park Joon-hyung] KT Kang Baek-ho is feeling sorry after the game. 2023.05.18 /

Kang Baek-ho’s play that forgot the basics drastically lowered the morale of the team. Koh Young-pyo, who was on the mound, suffered the most. He caught his follow-up Austin Dean as a center fielder’s floating ball and took a breather, but Oh Ji-hwan’s double and Moon Bo-kyung’s automatic 4-pitch continued as a one-out baseman, Park Dong-won 3 RBI doubles, and Lee Jae-won 1 RBI timely hit. Afterwards, in the crisis that continued with Kim Min-seong’s hit, Park Hae-min hit 1 RBI in a timely manner and was bitterly replaced with Sovereignty. KT lost 5-9.

The team stayed at the bottom for nearly 10 days and had to stick to the basics more than ever. Moreover, since there were two runners in Musa, careful play was required, but after taking a walk slowly without considering the follow-up situation, the so-called Arirang throw was made. Shortstop Kim Sang-soo’s arms wide open and collapsed represented the psychological state of his teammates at the time.

KT, who failed to overcome the big innings in the 5th inning, fell into a 2-game losing streak again. Since the start of a long losing streak against Suwon SSG on April 20, the last 23 matches have been 3 wins, 1 draw and 19 losses. After falling to the bottom on May 7, the rankings are unmoving until the 10th day. As the team’s leading hitter forgot the basics, he couldn’t prepare an opportunity for a rebound.

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