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“I’m a defender, but I can’t defend”…’big problem’ of loanee from Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur’s Sergio Reguilon is struggling.

Reguilon lost its place after the appointment of manager Antonio Conte. After Antonio Conte took over in November of last year, he had an opportunity in the early stages, but as Ryan Sessegnon performed well at the end of last season, Reguilon’s place gradually disappeared.

The competition intensified. In the transfer market last summer, Perisic, who worked with Conte at Inter Milan, was recruited, and alternated with Ryan Sessegnon as a left wingback. Regilon, who had no place to stand, eventually decided to leave the lease.

His destination was Atletico Madrid. It was an opportunity for Reguilon to rebound, and there was a prospect that it would be a transfer that could help each other even as Atletico Madrid, which lacked a left wingback.

However, as soon as he left, he was plagued with injuries. Reguilon, who was injured from the opening of the league, did not play until the 13th round and barely made his La Liga debut as a substitute against Mallorca in the 14th round. Afterwards, in the 15th round against Elche, he had to be content with a second half substitution. 온라인카지노

Even after recovering from his injury, he rarely takes chances. This season, Reguilon has played a total of 4 games in the league, and has given up a starting place to Heinildo Mandava.

Even after leaving Tottenham, harsh criticism poured out on Reguilon, who was struggling. According to Spanish media ‘Marca’, Atlético Madrid coach Diego Simeone said Reguilon had ‘football flaws’, and the flaw was a lack of defensive skills.

In other words, even though you are a defender, you cannot defend. ‘Marca’ then pointed out that Reguilon was a ‘big problem’ for Atletico Madrid and criticized it. Even after returning to Tottenham after this season, his status is unclear.

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