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‘I’m disgusted’ when I think of Chairman Levy…Man United hesitates to recruit Kane

Manchester United are reluctant to negotiate with chairman Daniel Levy.

Kane has scored 24 goals in the English Premier League (EPL) this season and is ranked second in the scoring rankings. He is also writing countless records, including three Premier League top scorers and the most goals scored in Tottenham club history, but it is clear that he has yet to win a major championship trophy.

As a result,바카라사이트 rumors of Kane’s transfer are growing day by day. Bayern Munich have been targeting him at the beginning of this season, and recently he has been strongly linked with Manchester United. Among them, Kane remains in England and is overtaking Alan Shearer’s record for the most Premier League goals ever, and as it is known that he prefers a Premier League club for this, rumors of a transfer to Manchester United continue to emerge.

Even specific transfer fees are mentioned. The British media ‘Mirror’ said, “If Tottenham sells Kane to Manchester United, they will ask for a transfer fee of more than 100 million pounds (approximately 166.7 billion won). If this is met, Manchester United will hand over an offer to Kane.”

Manchester United are in earnest to sign Kane, but the pace is not sticking. The reason is that Manchester United are reluctant to negotiate with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy. The British media ‘Manchester Evening News’ said, “Man United wants manager Eric ten Hag to sign Kane, but the club does not want to get involved in the game with Tottenham chairman Levy.”

Chairman Levy is known as a ‘master of negotiations’ in a positive sense or a ‘notorious negotiator’ in a negative sense. There is an example that shows the ‘thinner’ aspect of Chairman Levy. ‘Manchester Evening News’ cited Dimitar Berbatov, who moved to Manchester United from Tottenham in the past, as an example. The media said, “Man United have not signed a Tottenham player since signing Berbatov from Tottenham on transfer deadline day in 2008.”

The media continued, “Even at the time of 2008, Tottenham had no plans to sell Berbatov to Manchester United, but at the time, when Manchester City was acquired by the Abu Dhabi Group and the transfer fee for Berbatov increased, Chairman Levy thought of a plan to sell Berbatov, and eventually rival Manchester United We recruited him,” he said. Manchester United are tired of negotiating with Levy, which is why the process of signing Kane is slowing down.

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