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I’m lost… Manchester United players oppose return of convicts

It is news that Manchester United players are against the return of Mason Greenwood.

Greenwood has been sidelined by Manchester United for the past year due to a trial. In January of last year, Greenwood was charged with attempted sexual assault and assault by her lover. United immediately removed Greenwood from the club’s official profile, and announced that they would exclude him from first-team roster and training pending results. Many people recognized the seriousness of the incident with Manchester United’s knife-like handling.

Colleagues and corporations also turned against Greenwood. At the time, several Manchester United players, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Pogba, ‘unfollowed’ Greenwood on social media. Companies that provided sponsorship to Greenwood, who was called Manchester United’s best talent, also cut off their support. Soccer-related games also joined the mood by deleting Greenwood from the game.

The case was closed after about a year. On the 3rd (Korean time), a number of British local media, including the British public broadcaster ‘BBC’, reported that Greenwood’s cow had been withdrawn. The incident, which had been going on for a year, was tied up leaving a feeling of embarrassment. 먹튀검증

When the case was closed, attention focused on whether Greenwood would return. As it stands, Greenwood seemed likely to return to Manchester United. However, there were many negative views on Greenwood’s return to Manchester United, and news that Greenwood was also dissatisfied with Man United’s attitude of not caring about him and was moving to another team was reported, and Greenwood’s future was unknown. it was not possible Also, the fact that Manchester United’s manager has changed from a year ago is expected to have an impact.

In particular, it is expected that if Greenwood returns to Manchester United, it will deal a major blow to the team’s brand image in the long run.

It is also known that Manchester United team-mates do not want Greenwood to return. The British ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Man United players will be talking inside the team about whether to return Greenwood to the squad. But the United locker room has been happy for a long time, and no one wants to shake this mood.” He explained that the players did not bother to worry about it.

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