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Industrial Bank of Korea escapes 11 consecutive losses against Hyundai Engineering & Construction… 3 consecutive wins, 5th place jump

Women’s professional volleyball IBK Industrial Bank defeated Hyundai E&C in two years and one month.

Industrial Bank of Korea beat Hyundai E&C at the Hwaseong Gymnasium on the 22nd with a set score of 3-0 (25-23 25-21 27-25) in the 5th round home game of the ‘Dodram 2022-23 V-League’ women’s division.

Industrial Bank of Korea, which succeeded in three consecutive victories, secured 40 points (13 wins, 17 losses), surpassing GS Caltex (39 points, 13 wins, 17 losses) and jumped to 5th place. The difference between KGC Ginseng Corporation (46 points, 15 wins and 15 losses) in 4th place is 6 points.

He also broke the chain of losing streak against Hyundai Engineering & Construction. On January 12, 2021, IBK, who suffered 11 consecutive losses after winning 3-2 at the end of a full set in the Suwon expedition, sounded the victory in two years and one month.

While Pyo Seung-joo was responsible for 24 points, the most in the team, Yuk Seo-young contributed with 14 points. Middle blocker Choi Jeong-min showed off his height with 6 blocks.

IBK took the first set and started to win. Unlike 8-6, Santana (registered name Santana) and Yuk Seo-young’s open attack tied the opponent’s room and ran away by 5 points.

IBK, which maintained this gap and took the set point, faced a crisis of being chased by one point after the replacement of Kim Hee-jin and Kim Yun-woo.

In the end, coach Kim Ho-cheol put in Yuk Seo-yeong and Kim Ha-kyung again, and Santana broke through Hyundai E&C’s blocking with a strong quick-open attack, blocking a situation that could have led to a deuce.

IBK, which succeeded in overcoming the baseline, showed its potential to overturn the 4-point gap and made the set score 2-0.

In 9-13, Ivone Montaño (registered name Montaño)’s attacking error and Pyo Seung-ju’s time-lag attack set out to pursue.

Pyo Seung-joo came out as a solution. Pyo Seung-joo, who blocked Montaño’s back attack at 12-14, scored a series of open attacks to give the team a lead at once, 16-14.

After that, the game went tight, and after 20 points, it tilted sharply toward IBK. IBK took the lead with a quick open and an opponent’s mistake at 20-20. Kim Su-ji’s serve was caught in the net, but Hyundai E&C’s chase was overthrown by three consecutive goals.

IBK ended the match in the third set. This time, the concentration that caught up with the big score difference was outstanding. 안전놀이터

IBK, which was down 2-7 in the beginning, gradually erased the score difference with the attack of the pyo Seung-ju and the blocking of Choi Jeong-min.

IBK, which had been unable to reverse the game even after tying several times, exerted its strength at the end of the game. IBK, who balanced the opponent by 20-22, took a 23-22 lead as Jung Ji-yoon’s attack went off the court once again.

And when Yuk Seo-young’s serve shook Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s receive, Choi Jung-min put the team up to the match point with a quick attack.

IBK allowed Hyundai Engineering & Construction to deuce, but Hwang Min-kyung’s attack left the court after Choi Jeong-min scored at 25-25, ending the game as a victory.

Hyundai E&C fell into a 5-game losing streak after Montaño struggled with 24 points, but was unable to establish a relationship with victory.

Hyundai E&C maintained second place (62 points, 21 wins, 18 losses). However, it failed to narrow the gap with the sole leader Heungkuk Life Insurance (66 points, 22 wins, 7 losses).

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