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Is 53 wins in the KBO enough? Japan’s 162km ace and ML starters bloodless in front of the eyes

A career of 53 wins in the KBO league is a guarantee check for entering the major league starting pitching team?

On the 12th (Korean time), the official Major League homepage ( predicted the number of people who would join the Oakland Athletics’ 2023 season opening roster.

Oakland, which stayed at the bottom of the American League West with 60 wins and 102 losses last year, is drawing attention to what kind of performance the starting pitching staff will show.

Frankie Montas already left for the New York Yankees midway through last season, and Cole Irvin, who went 9-13 with a 3.98 ERA this offseason, was traded to the Baltimore Orioles. Instead, the starting pitching team was reorganized by recruiting Shintaro Fujinami, who boasts the best 162km fastball in Nippon Professional Baseball, and Drew Luchinski, who won 53 wins in the KBO league.

The starting rotation for Oakland’s 2023 season, predicted by ‘’, is in the order of Fujinami, Paul Blackburn, Ken Waldychuck, Luchinski, and James Caprielian. The media predicted that “Fujinama and Luczynski, who have newly joined Oakland, are likely to start in the starting rotation from the start.”

Compared to the past, you can feel that Luchinski’s status has changed dramatically. Luczynski made his major league debut in 2014 with the Los Angeles Angels. Luczynski, who only pitched in 7 games in 2 years with the Angels, was sluggish with an ERA of 10.38 in 2 games with the Minnesota Twins in 2017, and then appeared in 32 games with the Miami Marlins in 2018, leaving a 4-2 ERA with a 4.33 ERA. All 32 games were relief appearances. He appeared in 41 career games in the major leagues, of which only one was a starter. 스포츠토토

Luchinski joined the NC Dinos in 2019, threw 177⅓ innings and played an active role with an average ERA of 3.05, 9 wins and 9 losses, and in 2020, he played 183 innings and pitched 19 wins, 5 losses, and an average ERA of 3.05. It was with the unified victory. Luchinski, who also threw 178⅔ innings in 2021 with an average ERA of 3.17 with 15 wins and 10 losses, last year showed an amazing pitching record of 10 wins and 12 losses with an ERA of 2.97 while throwing 193⅔ innings, the most since his debut in the KBO League. The number of wins he left in the KBO League alone reached 53.

Luchinski, who succeeded in returning to the major leagues based on his steady performance in the KBO league, is now aiming for a full-time starting pitcher in the big leagues as well. Oakland signed Luczynski to a 1+1 year total of $8 million. This year, Luczynski will receive a salary of $3 million per year and will receive a salary of $5 million when the club option is exercised in 2024. You can read the expectations of the club just by looking at the amount.

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