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Is it really the end…”Conte, I’m completely broken and depressed”

Is Antonio Conte’s future really not at Tottenham?

Tottenham kneeled 2-4 to Manchester City in the 7th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season held at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England at 5 am (Korean time) on the 20th. With this, Tottenham has 33 points, widening the gap with the fourth place.

Even at the end of the first half, Tottenham’s defeat was hard to imagine. Man City showed a good performance, but Tottenham were blocking it well. Tottenham took advantage of Ederson’s mistakes twice to score two goals. We could have taken 3 points if we lasted well 45 minutes.

However, Tottenham’s defense collapsed rapidly in the second half, and as a result, they suffered a come-from-behind defeat. There were some things that Man City did well, but there were also aspects that Tottenham were self-destructing. In particular, the left defense, where Ivan Perisic was located, was greatly shaken.

After the game, coach Conte pointed out the defense, saying, “We concede a lot more than last season. It’s not good to allow four runs in the second half. It’s the first time I’ve conceded so many goals in my career.” Then, when asked if he would stay at Tottenham for the long term, he replied “I don’t want to answer”.

After the match, former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp claimed Conte’s condition was not good in an interview with Britain’s ‘Talk Sports’. He replied honestly, “Looking at Conte’s remarks after the game, everything is broken and depressed. I don’t know where Conte will go or how long he will be with Tottenham.”

In fact, news related to Conte’s future continues to predict a breakup. Most of the stories say that Conte will not stay at Tottenham, which does not invest in Tottenham. If you look at Conte’s recent interview, it’s true that he doesn’t look like someone who will stay at the club. 헤라카지노

Manager Red Knapp was also concerned about the performance of his former team. “When the first half ended 2-0, I thought the worst thing would be to take just one point. It was hard to imagine City scoring more than two goals,” he said.

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