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“Is this sweet voice really that villain?” The surprising twist of a novice commentator who can’t even tie a tie

A new employee who can’t even tie a tie is showing skills that surpass that of a veteran.

Oh Jae-won, who opened the second act of baseball life as a SPOTV commentator, is that new employee.

On the 26th, Gocheok Sky Dome held an exhibition match between LG Twins and Kiwoom Heroes. Commentator Oh Jae-won, who was watching the players’ training from the stands, suddenly went down to the ground in front of the dugout where the LG players were warming up.

It is a common scene for commentators to go down to the ground before a game and listen to the players and coaches. However, Oh Jae-won’s real purpose was different.안전놀이터

Oh Jae-won, approaching Kim Hyun-soo, handed him a tie and asked him to wear it instead. Although he has mastered baseball, it is because he is still inexperienced in tying a tie.

Kim Hyun-soo, who readily accepts the tie, also finds it difficult to tie a tie. After tying and untying it several times, the front end of the tie finally completed was very short. Nevertheless, Oh Jae-won’s slightly wonky appearance, wearing that short tie and heading to the commentator’s office without a word of complaint, made people laugh.

However, the level of commentary by this novice commentator, who is not good at tying a tie, is unusual.

First of all, many fans were surprised that the calm and lithe voice was the incarnation of the fighting spirit and hot-tempered Oh Jae-won, who was called ‘Oshikppang’.

In addition, the extensive experience of being able to explain all positions, such as pitcher and catcher, batter and runner, and fielder, from a first-person perspective, and the way he unraveled the game with a sense of realism, were so adept that it was hard to believe that he was a novice commentator.

Many LG fans who listened to the broadcast that day praised Oh Jae-won’s commentary, so he said it all. Wasn’t Oh Jae-won a ‘villain’ living under one roof to LG fans? Although he was the captain and hero who led the dynasty to Doosan fans.

Because of his extraordinary fighting spirit, Oh Jae-won has always been a player with a sharp divide between fans and anti-fans. But he was a player I couldn’t help but like if he was a team I rooted for. In the semi-final against Japan in 2015 Premier12, which was trailing 0-3, came out with a pinch hit in the top of the 9th inning and hit to lay the foundation for a 4-3 reverse win. Baseball fans who fell in love with the appearance of ‘, gave him the nickname ‘Oh Yeolsa’.

That extraordinary desire to compete is also manifested at the level of commentary. For baseball fans who are always thirsty for a good commentator, Oh Jae-won’s successful debut as a commentator is only welcome.

Oh Jae-won, a new employee, and Kim Hyeon-soo help prepare for work. You can see the two people’s affectionate appearance in the video.

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