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‘Isn’t it obvious?’ What’s wrong with the 100 million euro winger from a Manchester United striker?

Reporter Park Moon-soo = “He is a skilled player, but he has become a predictable player.”

One of Manchester United’s sore fingers under the Eric ten Hag system is Anton.

Then, how did Manchester United striker Louis Saha evaluate the repeated sluggishness of Anthony, the new wing of Manchester United?

According to this media ( ‘Global’, Saha was diagnosed as “technically proficient. But he is predictable. So it seems necessary to give variety in the game.”

Regarding Anthony, Saha said, “Anthony’s technique doesn’t provide a link to the players around him. So we need a solution to this. We have to score goals. We have to show an unpredictable level. But it’s not easy.” marked

He continued, “The defenders are also conscious of Anthony. But he only uses his left foot. It seems that he needs to show various aspects during the game.”

Anthony was a Brazilian prospect. He wore the Ajax Amsterdam shirt with Hakim Ziyech’s move to Chelsea and started to make a name for himself. Announcing the birth of a new star, he received a love call from his old teacher, Ten Haag, and transferred to Manchester United.

His debut wasn’t bad either. Activated his debut goal this season against Premier League leaders Arsenal. The 360-degree rotation of the dribble and the abundance of sights heralded the birth of a new star for Manchester United. 토토사이트

What followed was disappointing. Monotonous. The pattern has already been read. You can see him as a winger who can’t dribble. He brought it with expensive money at best, but he is only breaking the tempo. That’s 100 million euros. Even if you can’t show something right away, you should leave room for it. However, the current Anthony is a little far from this.

His Saha thought was no different. They also criticized Anthony’s monotonous play and kicks that relied too much on his left foot. From the defender’s point of view, it is only necessary to block Anthony’s left foot. It was brilliant in the beginning. Not now. The pattern has already been read. It is time for a change of atmosphere.

However, coach Ten Hag, who brought Anthony to Man Utd, still showed his trust. Ten Haag recently said: “Anthony can play better. There is room for improvement. As you may have noticed, he wants to be more direct and involved in the game. United played better when Anthony was on the pitch. A good sign. Everything,” he said bluntly.

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