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Italy U-20 head coach Nunziata meeting ‘Asian Tiger’ “Korea is strong, but we want the final”

“Korea is strong. But we want the finals.”

The Korean U-20 soccer team will play the 2023 International Football Federation (FIFA) U-20 World Cup semifinal against Italy at the Estadio Ciudad de la Plata in La Plata, Argentina on the 9th (Korean time).

Italy is a tough opponent. Having advanced to the semifinals three times in a row, they are facing the finals of this tournament as a strong player in Europe along with Israel. Cesare Casadei, Tomaso Baldanzzi, Francesco Esposito, etc., are aiming for Korea with a splendid attacking team.메이저놀이터

Nunziata, head of Italy U-20, who will compete with Korea U-20 for the final ticket. He said he wanted the final while giving favorable comments to Korea. Photo (La Plata Argentina)=AFPBBNews=News1
The process of getting to the quarterfinals was tough. However, Italy defeated Brazil in the ‘Group of Death’ by 3-2, defeated England (2-1) in the round of 16, and Colombia (3-1) in the quarterfinals, and advanced to the semifinals. all.

Italian coach Carmine Nunziata said in an official interview before the game on the 7th local time, “All opponents are strong when we come this far. We will do our best in the remaining matches.”

Italy is currently considered the strongest team in the semifinals. Everyone is wary of them as they reached the semifinals while destroying the strongest players in South America and Europe.

On the contrary, it is an evaluation that will give them confidence and pride. It is also hard to deny that it is the closest to winning the U-20, which has never been done before.

Nevertheless, coach Nunziata said, “I think all the teams that will come up in the semifinals have come up. Korea is strong. Quite tidy. Still, we want the final.”

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