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It’s OK even if Kim Ha-seong can’t be traded… No ML shift, let’s be recognized as second baseman

“San Diego is likely to need Kim Ha-seong, a glove-first player who provides flexibility at second base in the 2023 season.

” ), the Miami Marlins, classified as Kim Ha-sung’s potential destination, traded with the Minnesota Twins, not San Diego

. There were many prospects that Miami would try to recruit Kim Ha-sung by selling Pablo Lopez. It is true that San Diego needs to reinforce the starting lineup. However, instead of Ha-sung Kim, Miami took American League batting champion Luis Araez. If

Ha-sung Kim wants to succeed as a shortstop in the major leagues, it is not a bad thing to go to the Boston Red Sox, the most talked about team. Anyway, the center infield is open, It is true that it is expected that the starting shortstop will become a bloodless entry in a situation where he has been recognized as a Gold Glove class for his defensive power,

but Ha-seong Kim can remain in San Diego and increase his value enough as a second baseman. He mentioned the ban on shifting and the possibility of changing the role of second basemen. Major League Baseball strictly prohibits infielders from moving out of position starting this season. It is a calculation to induce more in-play hits by limiting excessive shifts. Major League Baseball It is part of a countermeasure that the secretariat has put forward in a situation where the popularity of the major leagues continues to decline.

The most common shift in modern baseball is for the second baseman to go out to the right outfield in preparation for a left-handed slugger’s pulling ball. Conversely, the second baseman may stay close to second base and assist the shortstop. When the shift is limited, the second baseman’s raw athleticism comes into play.

It is not a disadvantage for Kim Ha-seong, who is 28 years old and has good athletic ability. On the contrary, in the shift-limited era, it can increase its value by being recognized for its defensive power. Of course, he can be traded and recognized for his pure ability as a shortstop, but even if he is not traded, it is no problem to increase the value of Kim Ha-seong.

Yahoo Sports said, “In an era of seeing small cards in every player’s back pocket, we are increasingly starting to select second basemen for batting rather than gloves.” Overall, it has become an era where the batting of second basemen is important. However, in the era of no-shift, there may be subtle changes to this trend. 슬롯사이트

Yahoo Sports said, “San Diego is likely to provide flexibility at second base in the 2023 season and need glove first Kim Ha-seong, while the Los Angeles Dodgers may not want Max Muncy, who is hitting-oriented, there.” Muncy isn’t a great defensive player at second base.

However, Yahoo Sports did not see that second baseman’s offensive power would return to the trend of weakening. In any case, in modern baseball, the balance of offense and defense is also important for the center infielder. It is an issue that teams will choose, and they predicted that they will try to find the best way.

Kim Ha-seong left two years of guaranteed contract in the 4+1 year, $39 million contract with San Diego. If there is no trade, he has to survive as a second baseman, and the shift ban is another opportunity and a new challenge for Ha-seong Kim. Ha-seong Kim plans to go to the United States in advance before the San Diego spring camp opens in mid-February to improve the efficiency of his personal training.

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