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Jeju Recruited ‘Veteran CB’ Lim Chae-min… A Significant Reporting Ceremony with ‘Youth Match’

Jeju United (hereafter referred to as Jeju) has recruited Lim Chae-min (32), a national team-class central defender who played an active part in Shenzhen FC (China).

After recruiting Yeon Je-woon, Kim Seung-seop, Yuri, Ki-hyeok Lee, Hyung-geun Kim, and Hayes earlier, Jeju succeeded in strengthening their power by embracing Lim Chae-min, the “big fish” in the transfer market this winter. It is the result of continuous trust and sympathy. In the meantime, Jeju has shown steady interest in recruiting Lim Chae-min. Although he left for the Chinese league last year, he continued to grasp Lim Chae-min’s trends and even shared sympathy. Accordingly, Lim Chae-min decided to return to the K-League and wear a Jeju uniform built with trust and faith. 

Lim Chae-min’s joining is more anticipated in that it is ‘Nam Ki-il’s division assembly’. He gained synergy by reuniting with the players he worked with coach Nam Ki-il and strengthening the defense. Lim Chae-min reunited with manager Ki-il Nam after 4 seasons since 2019. Lim Chae-min, who has overwhelming physical strength (188cm, 82kg), is the best central defender for coach Nam Ki-il’s football style, who controls the game with quick offense and defense thanks to his good interpersonal defense and kicking ability. In fact, director Ki-Il Nam used Lim Chae-Min during his Seongnam days.

The reunion with Yeon Je-woon is also expected. Lim Chae-min played a big role in the 2019 season, serving as vice-captain of Seongnam along with Yeon Je-woon. At that time, Lim Chae-min played in 25 league games and scored up to 2 goals, leading the team to remain. Yeon Je-woon also played all the league games in the 2019 season (38 starting matches) and showed perfect compatibility.

With the joining of Lim Chae-min, Jeju has built a top-notch defensive line in the K-League 1. In addition to the existing lineup of central defenders such as Kim Oh-kyu, Jeong-woon, Kim Joo-won, and Lee Ji-sol, Song Joo-hoon returned from the campaign ahead of the 2023 season, and Yeon Je-woon and Lim Chae-min, who have been verified as the best defensive combination, can be operated. Director Nam Ki-il said, “With the addition of Lim Chae-min, the weight of our power has become more solid. We will break the Ulsan-Jeonbuk Yanggang composition.”

Lim Chae-min, who said, “I will do my best for Jeju, who chose me,” said, “There are many good players in Jeju. Especially, Jeju is a team with good defense, so I will try to make the team called Jeju shine even more. Although I joined the team late, There are many familiar players, including coach Nam Ki-il and Yeon Je-woon. I will quickly melt into the team and become a player who gives trust to the club and fans.” 안전놀이터

A significant ceremony was also held. Recruited players who take on new challenges in Jeju in the 2023 season will be with dream soccer players dreaming of future professional soccer players in Jeju. The so-called ‘Dream Tree Official’. Lim Chae-min met another future of Jeju before the announcement of his recruitment. We recently invited the Winner FC team (director Choi Ji-woon), who recently announced the start of Jeju’s youth affiliate club, to the clubhouse.

Lim Chae-min suggested a 1-20 mini-soccer match to Winner FC players. Lim Chae-min, who took the lead first, could not hide his embarrassment at the strong pressure from the young players of Winner FC. Even in the defensive situation, which is his main job, he struggled with attacks that caught the players of Winner FC off guard. Lim Chae-min smiled, saying, “It was the most difficult moment in his career. Thanks to the young people, his mental armament was properly armed.”

After the event, an impromptu fan signing event was held. Even in the rain, he communicated not only with the players but also with the parents, capturing the fans’ hearts with a truly professional look. Coach Choi Ji-woon of Winner FC responded by saying, “He seems to be a perfect player in terms of skills and personality. Just as Lim Chae-min protects Jeju, we will support and protect Lim Chae-min at the stadium.”

Winner FC student Kang Min-ho (8 years old), who participated in the event, said, “My heart trembled when I saw the players up close that I had only seen in the stands. He couldn’t hide his trembling voice.

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