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Ji So-yeon, who is calm despite her late recovery, “The goal is to make a perfect comeback… The important thing is the World Cup”

 Reporter Kim Do-yong = “2023 is an important year in my football life. I plan to spend the year calmly without rushing.”

Korean football, which achieved the great feat of advancing to the World Cup round of 16 in Qatar last November, will challenge the round of 16 again in the Women’s World Cup held in Australia and New Zealand in 2023. In order for Korean women’s soccer to achieve the expected results, Ji So-yeon (32, Suwon FC), a leading star, is desperately needed.

Ji So-yeon is also determined to give her all in her Australia/New Zealand tournament, which may be her last World Cup. In order to make her the best condition, she signed her first contract with a domestic team after living abroad last year, and also underwent surgery on her right ankle injury in November last year. All of these measures were taken while looking at this World Cup.

Ji So-yeon, who focused on recovery and rehabilitation for about two months, joined her team training in earnest on the 27th and started preparing for the new season. In February, she plans to join the women’s national team call-up in Ulsan from the 30th to compete in the Arnold Clark Cup in England.

In a phone call with News 1 after the first team training this winter, Ji So-yeon said, “I was with the team for the first time after surgery. I still have pain and discomfort because of the cold weather.” I will pay attention so that I can stand on the pitch in perfect condition without rushing. The most important thing right now is the World Cup.”

The women’s soccer team and Ji So-yeon are expected to have a busy year in 2023. The women’s national team will compete in the Women’s World Cup finals in Australia and New Zealand in July. After that, he has to carry out important schedules without a break until the Hangzhou Asian Games in September and the second qualifying round for the 2024 Paris Olympics in October.

Ji So-yeon said, “I think 2023 will be an important time in my soccer life. There are many important schedules from the World Cup to the Asian Games and Olympic qualifiers.” I want to make it. I will try to make it to the round of 16 unconditionally.”

Korea, which reached the round of 16 at the Canadian Tournament in 2015, suffered the humiliation of being eliminated in the French Tournament four years later after losing all three matches in the group stage. Women’s soccer, which has been promoted for four years, is determined to advance to the round of 16 again after eight years against Colombia, Morocco, and Germany.

Korea advanced to the final for the first time in history at the Women’s Asian Cup in January last year and won a ticket to the World Cup finals for the third time in a row. Since then, they have been preparing for the World Cup finals by playing evaluation matches against Vietnam, Canada, Jamaica, and New Zealand, and Japan, China, and Taiwan in the East Asian Football Federation (EAFF) E-1 Championship (East Asian Cup). 스포츠토토

In February, he leaves for England to play against England, Belgium and Italy. It is a welcome schedule for the Korean national team, which has not experienced European teams.

Ji So-yeon said, “All of the players prepared for the World Cup finals by playing many matches last year. However, they could not play against European teams. This opportunity will be a good experience.” C. We will be able to identify and supplement our problems against these teams.”

“I’m not in perfect shape yet, but after joining the national team, I’m receiving intensive care. If I train for my physical condition, I think I’ll be able to participate in the Arnold Clark Cup,” he said. I will support them,” he added.

Finally, Ji So-yeon said, “Since last year, the players have developed and grown through steady A-matches. In addition to the evaluation match in February, we will hold an evaluation match against a strong team during the A match in April, and I hope to prepare well until the end.” All players will prepare well so that the best performance beyond the quarterfinals beyond the river is possible,” he said, preparing for the first convocation in 2023.

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