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KCC finished the first half with a 50% win rate, the power of rebound is a meeting!

Jeonju KCC showed extreme moves in the first half of the regular league of the ‘2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball’. Before the opening, they were evaluated as capable of winning, but were pushed to the bottom after finishing the first round with 3 wins and 6 losses.

It was because the key players, who were not perfectly prepared for the season, lost their sense of the game. The sluggishness continued into the second round. On the 1st of last month, it was defeated at the Korea Gas Corporation in Daegu and fell to the bottom.

However, it soon succeeded in rebounding. The meeting of the entire team contributed greatly. On the 2nd of last month, the day before the home game against Suwon KT, right after training, the team had a meeting time for over an hour in the gym locker room. There were only coaching staff and players in this position proposed by Heo Woong. 토토사이트

We exchanged stories openly. The coaching staff listened to the players’ stories and reflected them in the team’s management afterwards. From this point on, KCC changed the atmosphere by winning three consecutive victories. The rankings were also gradually raised. KCC, which came back to life with 6 wins and 3 losses in the 3rd round, was eventually able to finish the first half with a win rate of over 50% with 16 wins and 15 losses (tied for 5th place).

KCC recently enjoyed the meeting effect once again. On the 3rd, a day before the home game against Carrot, Goyang, Heo Woong, La Gunah, Ronde Hollis Jefferson, and coach Jeon Chang-jin held separate seats. Heo Woong took the lead again this time to help the sluggish Jefferson survive. We talked about what areas Jefferson is struggling with and what areas we need to understand. On this day, Jefferson changed noticeably. Solid play contributed to KCC’s multiplier addition.

Although Heo Woong took the lead, KCC is displaying a distinctly different performance based on smooth communication within the team. If the current harmony is maintained, it is expected that in the second half of the year, we will be able to look at a higher place.

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