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Kim Min-jae has made a decision, Munich transfer agreement imminent… Giving up on signing Manchester United and PSG, looking for another player

It seems that the transfer of monster defender Kim Min-jae (27, Naples) to Bayern Munich (Germany) is imminent.메이저사이트

European transfer market expert Fabricio Romano said on his social media on the 18th (Korean time), “The transfer between Kim Min-jae and Munich is almost complete.” Romano is constantly dealing with the news of Kim Min-jae’s transfer. On the previous day (17th), “Kim Min-jae and Munich are getting closer to a complete agreement regarding personal conditions,” he explained. did. It seems that negotiations on the transfer of Kim Min-jae are progressing, albeit little by little. The buyout is a clause that allows transfer negotiations to proceed without the consent of the team, Napoli, as long as the standard amount is met. In the case of Kim Min-jae, there is a peculiarity that it is applied only to overseas clubs, not Italy. This is an advantage for Munich. The buyout amount for Kim Min-jae is about 50 million euros (about 70 billion won), but it is known that the amount varies depending on the recruiting team.

French media Foot Mercato also said, “Kim Min-jae made the decision,” and “Kim Min-jae chose to move to Munich to continue his career. Other clubs, such as Manchester United and Newcastle in England, must prepare a plan B. about 14 billion won),” he said.

If Kim Min-jae moves to Munich, he will build a number of winning careers. There is no team in Germany that can compete with Munich. Munich is the strongest team in the Bundesliga, having won the league for 11 consecutive seasons since the 2012-2013 season. He has risen to the top this season as well. It is highly likely that Kim Min-jae, who has already lifted the K-League 1 and Serie A championship trophies, will add another big league championship. Furthermore, you can even try to win the European Champions League in the ‘War of the Stars’.

In the first place, the club that was strongly connected to Kim Min-jae was Manchester United. However, there were many problems in going ‘all-in’ to recruit Kim Min-jae. Since the takeover of the club was not completed, it was impossible to recruit excessively, and besides, the priority was to reinforce the forward striker and midfielder, who are considered to be the biggest weakness. In addition, it had to dispose of defensive resources other than the existing power. In particular, ‘backup center back’ Harry Maguire, who is receiving a high weekly wage of 200,000 pounds (about 330 million won), must leave the team to relieve the financial burden. For reference, Maguire’s weekly wage is similar to that of Harry Kane (Tottenham), the top striker in the Premier League. In a situation where Maguire hadn’t even left, it was difficult to recruit Kim Min-jae, who was in the same position.

Kim Min-jae also received love calls from Newcastle, a club for the super-wealthy, and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), a big French club, but it seems that Munich will be the final winner before signing.

Thomas Tuchel, coach of Bayern Munich. /AFPBBNews=News1

Eric Tenhach, manager of Manchester United. /AFPBBNews=News1
Other teams are also in the mood to admit defeat before signing and give up on Kim Min-jae, instead looking for another defender. Rudy Galetti, an expert on the European transfer market, said, “Munich beat Man Utd in the match for Kim Min-jae.” Timber, who is considered a top-notch prospect, has the advantage of having experience with Manchester United manager Eric Tenhagh as a Dutch defender. Although he is only 179 cm tall, he is evaluated for his excellent passing and tackling skills. He can also play as a right fullback. He has other candidates listed as well. On this day, Yahoo Sports said, “Man United and Tottenham have spoken with Leeds United defender Robin Koch.” Center back Kevin Danso, who is active in France’s Lens, is also a player who is constantly connected to Manchester United. England’s Manchester Evening News explained, “Man United sent scouts several times to check Danso’s performance.”

PSG also succeeded in signing Inter Milan (Italy) center back Milan Sckriniar as a free agent (FA), putting out the urgent fire. Although no official announcement has been made, several media reported the news of PSG’s signing of Skriniar. ESPN of the United States emphasized, “Clubs interested in Min-jae Kim already know that Min-jae Kim chose Munich. They will have to find another player while preparing for the next season.”

However, there is no player who is rated better than Kim Min-jae. Last summer, Kim Min-jae, who wore a Napoli uniform, showed the highest level of performance in Europe. Two months after he transferred, he won the Player of the Month award for September, and continued to play an iron-walled defense after that. This season, Kim Min-jae participated in 35 league games, scoring 2 goals and 2 assists., a soccer statistics site, gave Kim Min-jae the highest rating of 7.07 among Serie A center backs. He was the first Asian player to win the MVP award in the Serie A defender category and was also named in the season’s best 11. Using Kim Min-jae’s performance as a stepping stone, Napoli also confirmed the league title early. It was even more thrilling because it was the first win in 33 years since the 1989-1990 season, when club legend Diego Maradona played an active part

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