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‘Kim Yeon-kyung partner confirmed’ The remaining 6 teams are in the dark… Growing concerns about women’s volleyball outsiders

‘Volleyball Emperor’ Kim Yeon-kyung’s partner has been confirmed. However, the concerns of the remaining six teams go deeper.

Heungkuk Life Insurance confirmed the renewal of the contract with Yelena. This is the reason why the coaches in the tryout are getting hotter..

The Korean Volleyball Federation 토스카지노(KOVO) held the second day of the 2023 women’s foreign player tryout schedule on the 12th (Korean time) at Hassan Doan Sport Complex in Turkey, Istanbul. did.

Directors are more active. I asked for a more real-life situation than the first day. To show better performance.

The number of players participating in the practice game increased from 31 the day before to 33. Two local male setters were also added. The toss is getting better, and the players’ bodies are relaxed. An even hotter game unfolded.

Heungkuk Life Insurance coach Marcello Abondanza was the only command tower sitting on the second floor. The players’ attack speed increased, and the managers on the first floor became busy.

Ho-cheol Kim, director of IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, made a surprise proposal. Coach Kim suggested, “I can’t see enough of the Apposite Spiker’s play with the current method. I want to see the attack power mainly with the Apposite Spiker.” Pepper Savings Bank Aachen Kim also agreed. The evaluation match was changed to a way to check the attack power of the Apposite Spiker.

Photo courtesy of KOVO
Coach Kim gave a cold evaluation, saying, “It feels a bit different from yesterday. It seems a bit difficult to judge right away, and there are no players that catch my eye.” He emphasized, “Foreign players should be the team’s leader. Look at their personalities and movements. Their skills are similar. It is important how well they can join the team after entering the team.”

Can Yasmin play for Hyundai E&C again? This is director Kang Seong-hyung’s inner thoughts. But the reality is that it can’t be like that. The probability of picking a player before other teams is low, but the memory of last year’s fall due to Yasmin’s injury is still bad.

Coach Kang said, “Attack power, height, power, I’m looking at things like that. Right now (players) can’t meet it.” Regarding the possibility of Yasmin’s selection, he said, “There is a risk, so I have a lot of worries.”

Kim Jong-min, director of the Korea Expressway Corporation, asserted, “I see a new face.” Regarding the situation of the team where Park Jung-ah and Jung Dae-young left as free agents, he judged that it was “more difficult than last season” and explained, “We are looking at the attack power.”

Photo courtesy of KOVO
The meeting between the manager and the players was amicable. They narrowed the distance by asking and answering questions to each other. The players emphasized that their physical condition is not 100% as the season is over. I did weight training, but the feeling of the game is inevitably diminished. The coaches explained the Korean volleyball style that emphasizes defense, while emphasizing the unique culture of strong ties with colleagues. Food culture adaptation, such as vegetarianism or religious reasons, was also looked at.

6:00 p.m. after the meeting. Heungkuk Life Insurance decided to renew the contract with Yelena. Catbell, Moma, and Santana were not selected by their teams.

Head coach Avon Danza said, “Yelena is a player who can grow even bigger. He can grow. I have made up my mind to renew the contract.”

He is determined that the new season will be as different as he takes the baton from the off-season. Director Abondanza expressed his aspiration, “I want to win with this member until the end.”

The players who participated in the tryout will have a chance to play an active role in the V-League next season in the final draft after the final evaluation match on the 13th.

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