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Korea Football Hall of Fame, Cheonan Soccer Center to be established

The Korea Football Association will create a new Korean Football Hall of Fame at the Football History Museum, which is being built in Cheonan.

The Korea Football메이저놀이터 Association signed a business agreement with Cheonan City on the 26th at the Jongno-gu Soccer Hall to create and operate the Football History Museum Hall of Fame.

Officials including Shim Sang-wook, head of the Football History Museum construction promotion team, and Park Il-ki, general manager of the Korea Football Association’s Cheonan NFC construction promotion team, attended.

Cheonan City will create a Korea Football Hall of Fame in the permanent exhibition hall of the Football History Museum, which is currently being built. The Korea Football Association provides various materials necessary for selection and exhibition of figures to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The Soccer Museum will be built on the ground floor of 3,418㎡ with one basement floor and two floors above the ground within the Korea Soccer Comprehensive Center in Gasan-ri, Ipjang-myeon, Cheonan-si. After the feasibility assessment for the establishment of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is completed in the second half of this year, construction will begin in earnest.

Park Il-ki, team leader, said, “Currently, the Korean Football Hall of Fame has been created inside the Seoul World Cup Stadium, and seven people (Kim Yong-shik, Kim Hwa-jip, Hong Deok-young, Lee Hoi-taek, Cha Bum-geun, Chung Mong-joon, and Hiddink) are inducted.” It is very meaningful to have a new space to build, and the Korea Football Association will actively support it so that it can be built successfully.”

Director Shim Sang-wook said, “The newly created Korea Football Hall of Fame will be carefully managed and operated by museum experts.” .

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