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KT’s unique training for the 2023 season of ‘Motion Tap & Human Balloon’ “It’s fun to train like a game”

 KT Wiz is preparing for the season with a new training method.

KT, which is conducting spring camp at Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA, introduced new training such as motion tap training and human balloon running training in preparation for the 2023 season.

Motion tap training is training in quickly touching a small portable machine when the light comes on. When the machine is touched by the sensor, it moves to the next step by various pre-registered patterns (pressing the same color, touching another machine within a certain period of time, etc.). It is helpful for fielders to improve dynamic vision and quickness, and for pitchers to improve quickness and instantaneous situational judgment.

The KT training part said, “As I get older, my agility and body vision gradually decline, so I applied it while looking for a training method that can maintain and strengthen it even a little. Also, it is a method I chose to maximize the effect while running while having fun.”

Park Se-jin said, “It is really effective for instant judgment. Since it is a quick exercise, it seems to be helpful in reacting to fast hits when throwing and defending the ball. I feel that the efficiency of aerobic exercise is also increasing because I exercise like a game.” 안전놀이터

Kim Sang-soo said, “It’s fun because I can train while enjoying the feeling of recreation rather than the same training method every day. He welcomed the new training method, saying, “If you train intensively, it seems to help improve your ability to judge and improve your body shape instantly, so I try to do it occasionally.”

In running training, human balloons were deployed to increase practicality. KT explained, “We tried to remind players of the game situation and reproduce it by arranging four balloons for each infield position during batting ball batting training and running base training.”

Coach Choi Man-ho said, “For batters, it has the effect of grabbing a contact point so that they can hit the infield course, and for runners, when there is no one there, it has the effect of imagining that there is a defender and running. Also, if you put up a large human-shaped balloon, you can improve your ability to instantly run a run when hitting a straight ball, and you can train in a situation similar to the game situation as much as possible.”

Anthony Alford and Park Kyung-soo said, “There is a human balloon, so the infield defensive position is drawn. I felt it was effective because I had my own standards set in my head and the ability to judge the batted ball when running base,” he said, conveying the human balloon effect.

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