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Last place Hanwha still has a chance to advance to the round of 5. 7th place Kiwoom and 1.5G, 5th place Doosan and 6G car. If you win or lose in a row, the leaderboard will change dramatically

He played 296 games, 41% of the 720 games.

At this point, there were many cases where the last place had a lot of rides with the 5th place, so it was actually difficult to look at the top 5.안전놀이터

In the case of last year, 311 games were played until June 15th, and the difference between KT Wiz (30 wins, 2 draws, 31 losses), which were in 5th place at the time, and Hanwha Eagles (22 wins, 40 losses), which were in 10th place, was 8.5 games. In particular, Hanwha had more and more losses than wins during this period, and the win rate was dropping, so I couldn’t think of aiming for the top 5.

This year is different. The last one still has a chance. As of the 15th, the 5th place Doosan Bears (29 wins, 1 draw, 28 losses, odds ratio 0.509) and the 10th place Hanwha Eagles (23 wins, 3 draws, 34 losses, odds ratio 0.404) have 6 games.

Hanwha had a win rate of only 2.6 0.1 with 6 wins, 1 draw and 17 losses in April, but in May, it caused a stir that exceeded the . Even in June, it is raising the winning rate close to 50% with 6 wins and 7 losses, including winning the winning series with a loss. Even if they are in the bottom, the gap with the top teams is not widening.

The 2023 KBO League match between Hanwha Eagles and Doosan Bears was held at Jamsil Baseball
Director Choi Won-ho, who led the team due to the sudden sacking of manager Carlos Subero, is doing well. Since taking over the team on May 12, Hanwha has recorded 12 wins, 2 draws and 15 losses (0.444 win rate). This is the 8th overall score during this period.

Compared to the record of 11 wins, 1 draw and 19 losses (0.367 win rate) until coach Subero was sacked, this is clearly an improvement.

8th place Samsung Lions (25 wins 34 losses, odds ratio 0.424) and 9th place KT Wiz (24 wins 2 draws 33 losses, odds ratio 0.421) are just 1 game away from 7th place Kiwoom Heroes (27 wins 1 draw 35 losses, win rate 0.435) Even with it, there is only a 1.5 game difference. If you run a winning streak, you can always get out of last place, and you can look to the top. From the 16th, Hanwha will have three weekend matches against Kiwoom in Daejeon.

Even in the upper ranks, anyone can become number one at any time. As LG Twins won against Samsung Lions on the 15th and SSG Landers lost to KT, LG rose to first place ahead of SSG by an anti-game car. The 3rd place NC Dinos is 3 games behind LG, and the 4th place Lotte Giants is 4.5 games away. The difference between 5th place Doosan and Lotte is only 2 games. It is a situation where the leaderboard can be completely different depending on which team wins or loses.

Since the game difference is small, anything can happen. This year’s KBO League, which has many variables such as injuries, is waiting for the biggest variable, the Asian Games in October. You shouldn’t be vigilant for a moment, and missing a game you could win could be a game you regret later.

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