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“Learn about Korean baseball and culture” Foreign players adapting to the KBO

With professional baseball teams starting spring camp, there are players who have to put in more effort than anyone else. They are foreign

players . I am a reporter [Reporter] Of the 30 foreign players who will be playing in Korea this season, 13 are new contract players and the remaining 17 are new faces 메이저놀이터. [Birch Smith / Hanwha Pitcher : I’m so happy to come here, and I’ll do my best as always. I’m looking forward to this season.] [Taylor Widener / NC Pitcher: I think it will be a good opportunity for my baseball life. I am so excited to learn Korean culture and Korean baseball.] Jose Rojas , a new foreign hitter wearing a Doosan uniform, had his first meal after joining the team training camp in Sydney, Australia. It was North Korean soup for the first time in his life. Dylan Pyle seems to have already figured out who is in power on the team [Dylan Pyle / Doosan Pitcher: I heard you are Korea’s Yadia Molina (former MLB famous catcher)

Strayley, who joined the Guam spring camp, is adept at adapting to Korean-style training as a player who has already been with Lotte for the 4th season


/ Samsung Pitcher: Lions TV, Good Morning!]

A total of 10 foreign players, or 1 out of 3, left the team before the end of the first half of last year due to injuries, poor performance, or problems with adaptability. Foreign

players requiring twice as much effort The race for survival in the unfamiliar KBO league has begun . This

is YTN Kim Sang-ik.

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