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Lee Chun-soo who praised Lim Young-woong “Isn’t it almost the best ever, cheering for ‘Heroic Age’”

 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup hero Lee Chun-soo praised popular singer Lim Young-woong, who recently participated in the home game of professional soccer FC Seoul.

On the 24th,메이저놀이터 a video titled ‘The greatest publicity effect in the history of the K-League’ was released on the YouTube channel ‘Chunsu Lee’.

At the opening of the video, Lee Chun-soo was asked, “Didn’t Lim Young-woong turn the K-League upside down?” He is a friend I like, so I even took pictures.” At the same time, Chun-soo Lee said that Young-woong Lim was his favorite left-footed player and said, “I saw him playing soccer even when he was busy and thought, ‘That friend is serious about soccer’.”

Regarding the fact that more than 40,000 spectators flocked to the Seoul home game that day due to the Lim Young-woong effect, Lee Chun-soo said, “The K-League is currently popular, but isn’t it almost the best ever?” work,” he stressed.

Chun-soo Lee’s praise for Young-woong Lim continued. In particular, as Lim Young-woong was known to have politely refused to perform ‘Geromycosis’ even during poetry and half-time performances, Chun-soo Lee exclaimed, “Aren’t you crazy?

In addition, Lee Chun-soo also mentioned the ‘Heroic Age’ (Lim Young-woong fan club).

He said, “The main axis of the ‘Heroic Age’ fan club is that I have many people who are the same age as my mother and older sister. I’m so thankful that when a star comes, people flock to it. It’s not good to look at, and it’s not good for the flow of the game, but I know that it was announced in advance.” I came to support you,” he said.

Lastly, Lee Chun-soo said about Lim Young-woong’s dancer team wearing soccer shoes at the stadium, “It is a real soccer person to have even the dancers wear soccer shoes for fear of going too far on the grass. He knows more than me.”

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