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“Let Conte’s friend go now” burst out quickly… Can’t understand ‘why does Suko stay’

 Tottenham Hotspur played the worst game in the first half, conceding 5 goals in 20 minutes.

Tottenham lost heavily to Newcastle United 1-6 in the 32nd round of the Premier League in the 2022-23 season held at St. James Park, Newcastle, England on the 23rd. Tottenham, floundering after allowing the opening goal 62 seconds after the start of the game, destroyed themselves with an unbelievable play that conceded 5 goals in 20 minutes.

No need to explain the process of conceding,온라인카지노Tottenham did not play properly anywhere. The last team moved like players who didn’t know how to defend. There is a reason. On this day, Tottenham came out with a four-back tactic out of the blue. It was an irrational number for acting coach Christian Stellini in a situation where former coach Antonio Conte had been composing players according to the three-back tactic for nearly two seasons.

Acting Stellini also admitted after the game, “The first 25 minutes were the worst I’ve ever seen. The system I changed hoping to give us energy was the wrong choice. It’s my responsibility. It was my mistake to play with a four-back.” did.

Sky Sports commentator Jamie Carragher, who was convinced of the commander’s fault, strongly criticized it. He said on his social network service (SNS), “I put Pedro Poro, who does not know how to defend, and Ivan Perisic, a winger, at full-back. How do you think of playing a four-back for the first time in the season with them?” Get a proper manager,” he shouted.

As Carragher pointed out, Tottenham made the incomprehensible choice to leave Stellini, the assistant coach who had been tactically aiding him, while sacking manager Conte due to poor performance. It is common for all divisions to leave when the coach leaves. It is natural that he cannot find a solution as he left it as an agent in a situation where a similar tactical philosophy failed. Carragher also seems to have little understanding of this part.

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