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Let go of the hippo who only eats his salary, Juventus’s anger at the lazy genius

Where is super-talented Paul Pogba (30, Juventus) doing?

Pogba has worn two club jerseys since his professional debut. He started out at Manchester United, where his talents blossomed in the summer of 2012 with Juventus. Manchester United paid another £100m (149.6 billion won) for Pogba.

However, Pogba wanted an environment where he could play perfectly as a starter, such as being embroiled in a controversy over sabotage, and eventually returned to Juventus after becoming a free agent (FA) last summer.

Juventus signed a four-year contract with Pogba for a total of £31 million (46.4 billion won). The funds for the recruitment of 2-3 players were only burned to Pogba.

Contrary to expectations, Pogba is out of business at Juventus. His recovery from a knee injury is lengthy. He hopes to get better, but with his muscle injuries taking over, he is out of sight of Juventus fans. Since April of last year, he has not played in practice.

Juventus urged him to undergo knee surgery, but he opted for rehabilitation due to his tenacity to join the French national team for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, and as a result, a handshake was made.

Italian media ‘Tuto Mercato’ said on the 13th 온라인바카라, ‘Juventus fans are very angry with Pogba. There are also questions about what the hell he is doing,’ he said.

Pogba posted a picture of him skiing on his social network service (SNS) last December. Fans were outraged. It was a burning fan feeling that everyday life outside the stadium looked normal.

Above all, Juventus are going through ups and downs. Pogba is responding as if it were someone else’s business even while going through hardships such as the discovery of accounting fraud and the loss of 15 victory points.

To the extent that Juventus legend Marco Tardelli joined the ranks of criticism, saying, “Pogba is the bane of Juventus. He is a player who has no meaning in existence.” “Director Massimiliano Allegri has to intervene in the Pogba issue. It is impossible to have a player (who receives a salary) without doing anything,” he said, saying that he did not need resources to eat and play.

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