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 “Let’s do what we have to do even if we get angry” Kim Se-yeon, the youngest captain of Huons, will it be spring again?

 It was not an easy season. 

Huons has gone through two seasons. In the first year of its founding, it took off with the title ‘New Blast’ just like the current Hana Card. But this season has been very difficult. It was hard to get out of the lower competition and finished the regular league in last place. Out of 42 matches, 15 wins and 27 losses. 

The captain selection this season was also unusual. Unlike other teams that select experienced male veterans such as Eom Sang-pil, Kim Byeong-ho, Kudron, and Kang Dong-gung, Huons has 29-year-old youngest Kim Se-yeon as their captain. 

Kim Se-yeon started as runner-up in the Panasonic Open in the first year of PBA’s launch, and in the 20-21 season, won two championships (TS Shampoo Championship, SK Rent-A-Car World Championship), and won the highest prize money of 100 million won in LPBA history at once. The LPBA prize money is adjusted and to date this prize money record remains unbroken. 

In the previous season, he also won the TS Shampoo Championship. It is like finding the final stage once every year. 

However, the 2022-23 season was over for both the team and Kim Se-yeon. The best result this year was the semifinals at the Hana Card Championship. The final result of the regular tour was 17th. 

On the 21st, Kim Se-yeon, who sat face to face with this magazine at the stadium, recalled that she had a particularly difficult year. When asked, “Looking back on this season, how was it?” Kim Se-yeon said, “I lost a lot of self-esteem.” 

“Actually, with the results I made in the semifinals of the 2nd Tour (Hana Card Championship), I was able to make it to the finals this year. (The results) were so bad that I felt ashamed. I was angry with myself and shed a lot of tears. That In the meantime, since I’m a professional player, I was greedy to do well.”

The schedule was tight because the individual tour and team league schedule overlapped. He had to come to the stadium after individual practice every day, play practice games against the guests for about eight hours, and prepare for the team league at the same time as the tour. 

It must have added to the burden because he had the title of leader. It is not a common concept and a normal difficulty task for a young captain to ‘lead’ older players of the age of older brothers and uncles. Even when a family member or friends meet, it is a person who quarrels, but it is shocking to see six people of different personalities and ages meet.

Regarding this, Kim Se-yeon confessed, “It seems that the club believed in me and offered me a claim while breaking the mold of common sense.” At first, I thought it was a light offer. .

He continued, “The team league system requires the leader to look at the table and come and discuss bench time. When I talked about that part, the team conveyed the nuance that the team members could come together enough to solve the problem.” He said, ‘Don’t you have confidence?’, but then I agreed.” 

Do you ever regret taking on the role of leader? When asked about this, Kim Se-yeon firmly said, “I have no regrets.” 

“It’s the result, but my performance in the team league wasn’t worse than on the individual tour. Since it’s a team, I felt a sense of responsibility and the results came out saying, ‘How did I achieve such a win rate?’ In a way, captaining the team is a career, and since I finished 8th, I don’t know if the club will entrust me with the captaincy again… But even if I take it now, I won’t be able to do it (laughs).” 토토사이트

It is no exaggeration to say that the actual leader within the team is veteran Kim Bong-cheol. This was revealed by Kim Se-yeon herself after the team league regular season ended. Young players Choi Hye-mi and Kim Se-yeon said that there were many times when they were shaken by sluggish results. In particular, Kim Se-yeon, who assumed the leadership position while lacking in experience and seniority, had a difficult time. Whenever that happened, Kim Bong-cheol took care of the team. Kim Se-yeon learned his teamwork little by little.

What remains now is the SK Rent-A-Car World Championship, which is equivalent to the ‘Wang-Jung-Wang’. The team’s performance was disappointing, but it’s over now. We need to focus on the final individual tour of the season.

The problem is the grades that don’t work out. I try not to think of it as a slump. You cannot be buried only in negative thoughts. 

Kim Se-yeon said, “If it doesn’t work out, I practice until my body hurts. I love billiards a lot, but it’s frustrating because it doesn’t work that well these days.” It’s hard to keep falling,” he said with an embarrassing laugh. 

He talked about his passion for billiards in a cool and casual tone, like a long-time friend. He said, “Sometimes I want to rest, but I can’t, so even if I’m pissed off, let’s do what we can.” 

There is still ‘spring billiards’, the last gateway to end this season with a smile. The SK Rent-A-Car World Championship 2023 will be held from March 2nd to 11th. 

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