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Let’s get rid of ‘twist + bias’, skill up… ‘Post Kwang-Hyun Kim’ is full of high-speed growth.

“I was a little worried after the 6th episode…Thank you for throwing well.”

4th year since debut. In no time, he has become a player who is not ashamed of the modifier ‘Post Kim Gwang-hyun’.

SSG Landers’ 1st designated pitcher in 2020.메이저사이트 He has been a left-hander since his high school days. However, Oh Won-seok (22) has achieved remarkable growth every year.

In his first start of the season, he overpowered the Lotte Giants batting line, giving up 1 run in 7 innings and winning his first complete game in his debut due to a rain cold. The 7 innings pitched is also the 3rd since his debut, and the most individual innings tied.

SSG coach Won-hyung Kim, who I met on the 5th, smiled broadly when the story of Oh Won-seok came out, saying, “I threw it really well.” A proud smile did not leave his lips.

After the 6th inning, the number of pitches exceeded 80, and he said he had a lot of worries. However, based on Park Seong-han’s good defense, he blocked it well until the 7th inning, and as a result, it was a complete victory. Regarding Oh Won-seok’s thought, “I could have thrown more,” coach Kim said, “It was 94 pitches, so if you went up 8 times, you should be prepared for 110 pitches. , You shouldn’t overdo it,” he laughed.

What was Kim’s playing days like? He replied, “At that time, you have to throw. Isn’t the culture different now? The ‘appropriate number of pitches’ is really important now.”

Praise for being a ‘smart and open-minded player’. In his second year, he achieved a 4-5 km velocity increase. He improved his fastball spin rate this year,

The pitching form has also changed a little. The twist was too much and the power was low, but I adjusted that part a little. The glove position was lowered a little during setup, and the phenomenon of leaning forward decreased. Above all, the increase in velocity through effort is the key. I pulled the release point forward more than before, and the ball rotation is good, so I get a lot of hits that work.”

The average ERA at the start improved rapidly from 6.33 in 2021 to 4.16 in 2022. Coach Kim said, “I have the ability to accept advice without being shaken. I work out really hard. Even in Okinawa, when the weather was bad, training was canceled, so I went to my personal workout right away. I took a break when I was a player, but…” he laughed. Knowing how to listen to the advice of others while having your own stubbornness.

“When you get on the mound, a pitcher has to become a different person. Preparation is done before going up, and if you don’t move instinctively the moment you go up, you have too many thoughts. It is important to face each other. I hope young players will have that kind of thinking.”

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