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Levi’s transfer market has begun… “Kane Real transfer? Give me 320 billion won” → Real is ‘super embarrassed’

Tottenham Hotspur

chairman Daniel Levy has virtually declared Harry Kane ‘not for sale’.

Tottenham had their worst season. In Antonio Conte’s second season, he steadily accumulated points in the early stages and competed for the lead, but was unable to accumulate points due to defensive insecurity and lack of tactical flexibility. Also, in the second half, he was caught up in a total impasse, allowing a large number of goals.스포츠토토

There was also a problem with leadership here. Coach Conte left the team, and his acting coach, Christian Stellini, was also sacked. Currently, coach Ryan Mason is continuing the ‘acting of acting’ system. In addition, the team’s director, General Manager Fabio Paratici, also left the team after being involved in the Juventus accounting scandal. Tottenham are struggling in the absence of both the manager and director.

Among them, Kane performed exceptionally well. Kane, who scored 30 goals in the league this season, also scored a goal against Leeds United, which was the final game, and performed steadily. It was the last bastion that Tottenham attackers, who were frustrated, could rely on.

However, Tottenham has the task of protecting Kane. Throughout this season, Kane has been a target for Manchester United. Manchester United are even preparing a specific transfer fee. The British media ‘Mirror’ said, “Man Utd plans to pay more than 100 million pounds (about 163 billion won) for Kane.” For Manchester United, who needed a striker, Kane was a constant target.

Recently, news has spread that Real Madrid are also targeting Kane. Real Madrid announced on its official website on the 4th (Korean time) that Karim Benzema is leaving the team. As a result, Real Madrid has been in a hurry to have a forward striker. Among them, Kane was selected as a replacement for Benzema. Spanish media’Cadena Serre’ said, “Kane, whose contract expires in 2024, is unlikely to sign a new contract with Tottenham. Real plans to offer Kane’s scout in cash with Eden Hazard.”

However, Chairman Levy charged Kane a huge transfer fee. Miguel Delaney of the British media ‘The Independent’ said, “Tottenham chairman Levy has set a price of 200 million pounds (326.1 billion won) for Kane. This is a much higher amount than Real is planning.”

In effect, it is tantamount to a non-sale declaration. In the past, Chairman Levy has kept it by raising the amount excessively at the end of the negotiations to avoid sending Kane to Manchester City. This time, he made it clear that he had no intention of giving Kane an astronomical amount and giving it to Real Madrid. With one year remaining in Kane’s contract, more attention is being paid to his future.

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