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‘Men’s Volleyball Asian Quarter’ Mongolian youth’s ‘Korean Dream’

Middle blocker Bayarsaihan from Mongolia shows off his concentration in the reaction speed test.

Eddy,크크크벳 a wing striker from Mongolia, uses cool attacks whenever the opportunity arises.

With a height of nearly 2m, the two players stood out the most among the 24 participants from 7 countries, with their natural height and overflowing strength.

[Bayarsaihan/Asia Quarter Tryout Participant : “I was nervous since I heard the news that there would be an Asian Quarter. I watched Korean professional volleyball matches for six years (I prepared).”] Both players moved to Korea six years ago

. He has developed his dream of becoming a professional by proving his skills on the domestic university stage.

Eddie vividly remembers the moment he wrote down his dream in Korean during his freshman year.

[Eddie/At the time of 2020: “I want to continue to work hard to become a professional player and play in a game for the Korean national team.”] I had high expectations that I would be able to adapt to the professional game smoothly because of my fluent Korean and high understanding of Korean culture

. are receiving

[Soundbite Kim Sang-woo/Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. : “If I’m lucky with the marbles and can be selected in the first place, I would like to work together, and I think Eddy will be able to find peace of mind.”

[Bayarsaihan: “If it goes well, we won’t be on the same team anyway, so I think we’ll meet as rivals again like in college. So I’m nervous.”] [Eddie: “I think

you should be (nervous).”]

For a long time The two players, who have come closer to their long-cherished wish, are now waiting for the draft results.

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