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‘Minimizing Oh Se-geun’s input’ KGC relieves back-to-back burden

Oh Se-geun’s playing time was minimized, and he even won the victory after a close battle. It was a game that could gain momentum in many ways for KGC, which had to digest the back-to-back schedule.

Anyang KGC, led by coach Kim Sang-sik, won 95-83 in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball regular league home game against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 11th. 1st place KGC sprinted to 7 consecutive wins, the most this season, and extended its ride to 2nd place Changwon LG to 3.5 games.

While Omari Spellman (27 points, 5 3-pointers, 14 rebounds, 2 assists) made a big success, Byun Jun-hyung (18 points, 9 assists) also showed off his presence, and both teams won a new victory after a total of 27 come-from-behind battles.

Manager Kim Sang-sik said, “The players have suffered so much. I lost a lot of rebounds in the beginning. So, he allowed Gage Prim a lot of goals under the net and even conceded a 3-point shot, making the game difficult. In the last-minute rebound battle, we stood on equal footing, and we were able to win because the transition from defense to attack was well done.” 온라인카지노

The performance of Park Ji-hoon, who made a decisive 3-point shot in the 4th quarter, which is the match, cannot be left out. Director Kim Sang-sik, who said, “It’s so unique,” ​​said, “The 2 guards (Byeon Jun-hyung and Park Ji-hoon) work well together. It also has the advantage of being able to alternate 2v2. (Byun) Junhyung played a good role in a situation where his physical strength was consumed a lot,” he added.

Oh Se-geun also played an active part with 17 points and 4 rebounds even after only running for 18 minutes and 23 seconds. Thanks to the even performance of the bench members, the playing time was minimized. In particular, in the fourth quarter, all 10 minutes were absent. For KGC, which has to play an away game in Daegu on the 12th, it was a game that gained more than victory.

Regarding Oh Se-geun, manager Kim Sang-sik said, “I had the intention of putting in (in the 4th quarter), so I told him to prepare, but (Yang) Hee-jong did a good job in both offense and defense. So I thought it would be better to rest and prepare for tomorrow’s game.” Coach Sang-sik Kim continued, “Hee-jong also effectively defended the center. He was good at denying and overguarding, and of course he was a match with small forwards. He showed concentration in many ways,” he added.

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