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‘National Team’ Na Sang-ho and Hwang Eui-jo Goal… Seoul ‘Super Match’ Complete Victory

FC Seoul, where national team strikers Na Sang-ho and Hwang Ui-jo scored side by side, won the ‘Super Match’ against Suwon Samsung.

Suwon was led by acting manager Choi Seong-yong instead of coach Lee Byeong-geun, who was sacked due to poor performance, but there was no expected reversal.

 “Isn’t that the meaning 메이저놀이터of a super match where you can’t lose even at rock-paper-scissors in the Korea-Japan match… Please win. Please.”

<Cheon Nam-woong·Kang Min-jun / FC Seoul Supporters> “As much as Suwon Samsung is in a bad mood, I hope we win again so that Suwon Samsung can no longer come up.”

This season’s first and 100th ‘Super Match’ between FC Seoul and Suwon Samsung.

From the beginning, the midfield battle was fierce to break the opponent’s momentum.

In the 37th minute of the first half, Seoul, which had been gradually increasing its possession despite a strong physical struggle, finished warming up.

National team member Na Sang-ho scored the first goal.

When the ball flowed to Hwang Eui-jo as a heel kick, he cut the net with a low and quick shot without delay.

It is the moment when he is tied for first place in scoring with his 4th consecutive goal and his 5th goal of the season.

<Na Sang-ho / FC Seoul striker> ” (Top scorer) If I said I wasn’t greedy, it would be a lie, and if I score a goal, the team can win, so I’m greedy for goals and aim for the team to win… “

The second goal was also played by national striker Hwang Eui-jo.

Corner Kick Situation Kim Joo-sung’s header was cleared by Jung Seung-won, and the ball landed in front of him, so he finished it calmly.

This is the first field goal after returning to the K-League.

The wedge goal also started with Na Sang-ho’s penetration into the gate.

Received a long ball forward and connected it to a shot in a one-on-one situation with the goalie, and when the save was blocked, Palosevich lightly kicked it.

With two minutes left in regular time, Mulich broke through a central defender and scored a chase goal, but it wasn’t enough to turn the tide.

FC Seoul, which was on the rise, also won the Super Match and laid the foundation for breaking the league’s top ranks.

In the East Coast Derby between 1st place Ulsan and 2nd place Pohang, Pohang Go Yeong-jun scored 2 goals first, but Bako’s theatrical goal following Ulsan Joo-min-gyu failed to cover the game.

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