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Oh Hyun-gyu joins Celtic, “The moment I dreamed of”

 Oh Hyun-gyu, who achieved his dream of entering Europe, expressed his overwhelming feelings.

Celtic announced on the club website on the 25th (Korean time), “We have signed a five-year contract with Oh Hyun-kyu.” He has number 19 on his back.

According to local media, the transfer fee Celtic paid for Oh Hyun-kyu is estimated to be 3 million euros (approximately 4 billion won).

In an interview with the Celtic club right after his contract, Hyun-gyu Oh said, “I came to the club I really wanted to go to from his childhood. He said, “I am happy that the moment of my dreams has come true.”

Celtic, based in Glasgow, Scotland, is a prestigious club that has won the Scottish Premier League 52 times. Celtic has also won the Champions League (UCL) once.

In particular, Celtic is a team where Ki Seong-yong (FC Seoul) and Cha Doo-ri, FC Seoul’s youth reinforcement director, worked together in the past. Oh Hyun-kyu became the third Taegeuk Warrior active in Celtic.

Oh Hyun-kyu said of the seniors who first worked for Celtic, “They are people I always respected. He has been dreaming of watching the players play at Celtic since he was a child,” he said. “I am excited to be able to play with the emblem. I want to do well and achieve higher goals.”

In addition, Oh Hyun-gyu became the first player to advance to Europe after playing in the K-League after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Oh Hyun-gyu was named to the reserve list as Bentuho’s 27th player at the 2022 Qatar World Cup last year and participated in the tournament, but was unable to step on the ground as he was not included in the final entry.

However, Celtic has shown continuous interest in Oh Hyun-kyu even before the World Cup. After the World Cup in Qatar, Celtic sent a love call to Jeonbuk Hyundai striker Cho Kyu-seong along with Oh Hyun-kyu. 토토사이트

Celtic actively courted Cho Kyu-sung by raising the transfer fee initially offered, but when negotiations did not go well, they staked their life and death on the recruitment of Oh Hyun-kyu.

In fact, he actively courted Suwon Samsung at a higher amount than the transfer fee he had initially proposed. Initially, Suwon Samsung hoped that Oh Hyun-kyu would finish one more season in the K-League and go abroad, but it could not prevent the player’s active will to advance to Europe.

Oh Hyun-kyu said, “I am reckless and like to fight with the opponent’s defender. He did not hide his ambition, saying, “I want to score a lot of goals and win the championship together.”

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