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Oh Hyun-kyu, Celtic debut imminent… Manager “In the game on the 30th or February 4th”

Oh Hyun-kyu, who moved to Celtic, a prestigious Scottish club, and recorded the first Korean title in the winter transfer market to Europe, is expected to make his debut right away.

Celtic will play against Dundee United in the 23rd round of the 2022/23 Scottish Premiership (Part 1) at Tenadis Park in Dundee, England on the 30th at 1:00 am (Korean time). Then, at 4:45 am on the 2nd of next month during the week, Livingston will be called to Celtic Park, the home stadium, to play the 24th round.

It is the judgment of Celtic coach Enze Postecoglu that Oh Hyun-kyu’s Celtic debut will be made within the Livingston match.

Coach Postecoglu announced the early input of Oh Hyun-kyu through a press conference before the match against Dundee on the 29th. 카지노사이트

He said, “Oh Hyun-kyu trained for three weeks with his former team (Suwon Samsung), but he has not played in real life since November of last year.” He did a great job with it,” he explained.

Then, he said, “I want to put him into the game this weekend, if not, next week,” and hinted that if Oh Hyun-kyu’s physical condition is not a big problem, he intends to put him in the first division game.

Celtic’s situation is also at a point where Oh Hyun-kyu’s appearance cannot be delayed.

Greek striker Giorgios Yakumakis seemed to be moving to Japan’s Urawa, but Belgium’s Anderlecht jumped in and competed. Since Yakumakis is not willing to play for Celtic, Oh Hyun-kyu must be tested as soon as possible, even if he is replaced, so that he can adapt to the Scottish stage.

Oh Hyun-gyu signed a five-year contract with Celtic on the 25th. It is known that Celtic paid around 4 billion won for transfer to Suwon Samsung.

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