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“Ohtani, if you stay, it feels like you own the world” Are you ready for a breakup? LAA Director and Colleagues Praise Parade

 With Shohei Ohtani officially ending the season, the LA Angels players are expressing their disappointment as if they were considering a ‘breakup’.

Ohtani already ended his season as a pitcher last month due to an elbow ligament injury, and on the 17th (Korean time), he was placed on the injured list (IL) due to a right oblique sprain and decided not to play as a hitter anymore.

There were many speculations about Ohtani, who removed all of his belongings in the Angels locker room before the game against the Detroit Tigers on the 16th, but he appeared in the dugout the next day immediately after news of his IL listing broke. The scenes of joking around with the players were the same as usual.

However, the prevailing view is that the relationship between Ohtani and the Angels only lasts two weeks. When the regular season ends on October 2, the Angels’ rights to Ohtani will all expire. It means that he becomes a person of freedom. When the World Series ends in early November, the free agent market opens and ‘Otani Time’ begins in earnest.

Ohtani is still expected to leave the Angels with a mega-contract worth more than $500 million. He, who has always said his wish was to win, has little reason to remain with the Angels. Seven teams are mentioned as his likely destinations, including the LA Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants, Seattle Mariners, San Diego Padres, New York Mets, and Boston Red Sox. Among these, the majority opinion is that the Dodgers are the most ideal team for Ohtani.메이저사이트

There is no way Angels players or officials are unaware of this situation. Ohtani is expected to undergo elbow surgery soon. He will miss the entire next season as a pitcher.

On the day Ohtani emptied his locker, Angels manager Phil Nevin drew attention by giving an interview as if preparing for a farewell.

Coach Nevin said in an interview with the LA Times on the 17th, “I already said that Otana is the best player I have ever seen,” and “He will continue to do well. I believe he will handle rehabilitation like other players, or even better.” “I sincerely hope that he returns with perfect speed and power as a double hitter, as he always has,” he said.

He then accepted MVP as a given, saying, “Ohtani is MVP this year. I said he was MVP last year as well. I’m not sure, but there’s no way he won’t be unanimous MVP this year. That’s impossible.”

Regarding the possibility of him staying in the Angels, he said, “Of course I want Ohtani. Everyone wants to be with Ohtani. All 30 teams would like to have Ohtani. If he stays, it would feel like having the world to me.” He expressed his wish for , and said, “As a coach, I think it will be difficult to have a player like Ohtani again.” It is the highest praise as a commander.

His fellow players are also praising Ohtani like lovers about to break up.

Closer Carlos Estevez said, “I told him, ‘I really respect everything you do.’ It’s great to see a player like Ohtani who puts in all his efforts, works hard, and tries to get better every day. My respect for him never changes. “I hope he remains the same player. I hope he stays humble and continues to play baseball the way he is now.”

Next, regarding the news that Ohtani could undergo Tommy John surgery again, Esteves said, “It’s not impossible. There are one or two players who have had Tommy John surgery twice. They are also doing well now.”

Starting pitcher Patrick Sandoval, whose locker is right next to Ohtani, said, “It’s kind of a blessing to see a player like Ohtani.”

Otina will officially greet Angels fans during the final game of the regular season against the Oakland Athletics on October 2nd. Of course, it will first be a thank-you note for the season.

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