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‘One Roof, Two Directors’ goes a different way from the beginning

The two coaches have the same destination. However, the path of choice is different.

LG and Doosan, ‘one roof, two families’ preparing for the new season with a new coach, are taking on new challenges with conflicting leadership. The head coaches of the two clubs are building the team in starkly different ways. LG is training in Arizona, USA, and Doosan is training in Sydney, Australia.

According to coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop’s coaching philosophy, LG reduced team training time and increased individual areas. On the contrary, Doosan is eliminating gaps in the entire camp schedule by increasing the amount of team training based on the know-how experienced and acquired by manager Lee Seung-yeop.

It is quite different from the team training timetable.

LG leaves its accommodation at 8:00 am and heads for the training ground, Scottsdale Giants Complex, Arizona, but the team training begins at 9:30 am with a warm-up. Athletes undergo personal training such as weight training or receive treatment before warming up. The official team training ends at 2:30 p.m. After that, only individual night training remains.

Doosan begins training with a full warm-up at 9:00 am at the Blacktown Baseball Stadium in Sydney and continues team training until 12:10 noon. In the case of the field team, the infield and the outfield are separated, and after intensive defense training with ‘nanta’ continued, group rotation is performed by field. After 1:10 pm, batting and defense training continues, and training begins at 2:30 Even if it ends, it is not the end. Immediately after connecting to the extra training for each required player, the basic training is organized with weight training around 4:00 pm. Here, the night training after dinner naturally follows.

It is said that the players of the two teams are adjusting to the change. LG responds that the density of each training has increased. An LG official at the site said, “It seems that there is a concentration for each training. People who have been watching various teams have told me several times that they can feel the vitality in LG training.” 카지노

Doosan was a team with a lot of individual training. Perhaps because of this, it is said that the players are adapting well despite the increased intensity of team training. A Doosan official at the site said, “There are foreign coaches joining here, and I often hear compliments on how the players are adapting well without any signs of difficulty. Team training seems to have settled well,” he said.

Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, from the time of the Heroes command tower in the past, did not take long team training time and tended to expand his personal area. Head coach Lee Seung-yeop experienced 8 seasons of spring camp in Japan, which is famous for its heavy training. He was also the best hitter, but he was also the type to find individual training and do a lot. It is already melted in the Doosan camp.

Doosan Bears Lee Seung-yeop
In the process of eliminating gaps based on Japanese baseball experience with a large amount of training and
focusing on high-intensity team training ,
‘quenching’ key players customized for each position and group
, and competing inducing ‘starters’ and ‘non-starters’ until the opening, the message conveyed to the squad is also completely different.

Manager Yeom has already set up nearly 100% of the starting lineup. I have already drawn the batting order and position layout from 1 to 9. In addition, this information is conveyed directly or indirectly to the players and they are preparing accordingly from spring camp.

On the other hand, coach Lee may have confirmed the starting lineup in his mind to some extent, but he refrains from mentioning it as much as possible. In fact, it seems to be a calculation to continue the competitive structure until right before the season begins.

The confrontation between Doosan and LG is always a hot topic. This year, from the preparation stage, ‘different’ is shown and the attractions are increasing.

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