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Online Gambling Stakes in Sweden

Sweden is considered the largest country in Northern Europe and they were noted for their beautiful sceneries, the best view of the northern lights, craft, fashion as well as tradition. The country is considered 스포츠토토 the most livable because they are considered the safest because they have almost zero crimes and scams are unthinkable to happy in the country.

All about Betting Online in the Country

The majority of the Scandinavian countries are into online betting and were known for being the fourth largest advocate in the European Union in 2009. Casino Utan license in Swedish or Casino without a license. What is a casino without a license? They are Swedish online casinos that have an international license and thus follow the regulations set by the countries where they are based. There are numerous advantages a player gets in betting in a virtual casino without a license. Check 스포츠토토 to find out.

Gambling Law in Sweden

Sweden allows gambling of any form in the country thus people wager on popular games like:

·        Lottery tickets

·        Poker

·        Slot Machines

·        Blackjack

There are four land-based casinos in Sweden named Casino Cosmopol. We can find them in Sundvall, Malmo, Gothenburg, and Stockholm. The land-based casino became legal in 1994 while the online casino in 2002.

The Svenska Spel

All forms of 스포츠토토 gambling including the online casino are controlled and monopolized by the Svenska Spel. It is a state-owned company that regulates all gambling markets in the land. The company also promotes responsible gambling as well as imposing strict rules such as the allowable age of the bettor to wager which is 18 years old. All profits from gambling will go straight to the Swedish National Treasury. Online Slot machines like leprechaun slots, poker, and online bingo can be played as long as the player is of legal age.

New Law in Gambling

The Kindred Group (Unibet) and the Betsson Group, a large virtual gaming company that controls other Nordic countries’ gambling activities dominated the Swedish local gambling market for 17 years. For this reason, some grey gambling markets were formed and made a huge profit.

A new regulation set by the Swedish government took effect on January 1, 2019, to end all online gambling monopolies therefore the gambling industry is open to private operators as long as they meet the conditions and regulations set by the government.

There are two reasons why the government needs such reforms:

1.     The government must know all about the unregistered gambling industries in the market.

2.     The government will benefit from the taxes from the gambling operators.

Around 50% of the gambling market belongs to the government and they offer different types of games like:

·        Lottos

·        Bingo

·        Online Casinos

·        Triss (scratch game card)

·        Poker

·        Keno

The new law of the Swedish government is more inflexible and they make sure that the players and the operators must follow the rules. One of the rules imposed by the government is to not allow the gambler to be given a credit to avoid gambling addiction. The government is doing this to protect the players and promote responsible gambling. All gambling activities such as online and land-based casinos are authorized by the Swedish Gambling Authority.


The government of Sweden still has the final say in terms of any gambling activities for a good reason. Gambling in moderation still has to be observed.

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