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Our director who was excited after being hit by the rain… At this point, the 12th champ, Kazuah~

The ceiling of the basketball court in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, which is the training ground for women’s professional basketball Asan Woori Bank, is lined with 11 winning flags. Sooner or later, I think I will have to make space by pulling one side at a time. This is because the chances of winning the 12th have increased.

Woori Bank defeated Busan BNK on the 13th and took first place in the regular league. With an overwhelming record of 21 wins and 4 losses (including 14 consecutive wins in the first half), the 1st place was confirmed regardless of the results of the remaining 5 games. Starting next month, we will play the playoffs with the 4th place in the regular league, advance to the championship, and furthermore, aim to recapture the top. Recently, I met coach Seong-Woo Lee (52), forward Kim Dan-Bi (32), and guard Hye-Jin Park (32) at the Woori Bank training ground. They said, “If you pull the flag a little bit to the side, you will be able to hang one more.”

Out of Woori Bank’s 11 championship victories, six, more than half, were won by coach Wi. Coach Wi took charge of Woori Bank in 2012 and achieved 1st place in the regular league for the 9th time in 11 seasons. Danbi Kim led the team by recording 3 round MVPs and 3 triple doubles. It was also coach Wie who brought in Danbi Kim, a free agent who played for 15 years at Shinhan Bank ahead of this season.

Woori Bank lost to Cheongju KB, led by Park Ji-soo, in the championship match last season. Then coach Wi, who coached Danbi Kim as a coach at Shinhan Bank from 2008 to 2012, persuaded Danbi, “Danbi, I will kneel, so please help me.” Kim Dan-bi’s husband, Yu Byung-jin, a former national water polo player, also said, “Director Wi, who is a gift, is the person who will make Dan-bi’s end shine.”

When he was in his 30s and 40s, director Wi Sung-woo was famous as a ‘tiger leader’ who yelled and gave harsh training. Park Hye-jin said, “When coach Wi took over in 2012, there was no compromise. At that time, the players were soaked in defeat consciousness. Now that there are seniors such as Danbi and (Kim) Jeongeun, the director’s anger has decreased and the tone of her voice has lowered. Director Wie’s style is carrots, carrots, and sticks. Even if he gets scolded, he calls out separately to instill confidence. Now, just by looking at the players’ footsteps, I think I know what they are thinking.” Danbi Kim also said, “I was really scared when I was a coach at Shinhan Bank, but I think I became ‘feminized’ after I got older. Seeing that I’m still alive and well, wouldn’t that be a lot of training?” he laughed.

Director Wi laughed at the word ‘feminization’ and said, “I agree. In the past, I shouted 10 times louder than I do now.” “You can’t just praise one player,” he said.

Of course, in the game on the 13th, as BNK chased him, coach Wie screamed. During operation time, “Roughly! Get out!” he reprimanded the players. However, after his victory, when coach Wi interviewed him, it was a different look when the players showered him with water. Danbi Kim said, “The person who shakes me the most is Director Wi. He joked, “Please don’t write it seriously, put ‘keuk’ at the end of my words.” 온라인카지노

Coach Seong-Woo Lee has never sat on the bench during a game. Woori Bank, the fourth largest bank in the industry, showed a video of director Wi standing and directing at an executive meeting, introducing it as exemplary leadership. Coach Wi said, “How does the coach sit down while the players are playing hard? These days, my legs hurt and I want to sit down, but I say, ‘I brought Danbi with difficulty…’ ’,” he said.

With the addition of all-round player Kim Dan-bi, Woori Bank recorded the least points allowed (59.6 points) with its unique sticky defense, and the average score increased by 2 points to 73.9 points. The previous ace, Park Hye-jin, overlapped with a foot injury, reducing the roll, but coach Wie is good at directing traffic.

When Park Hye-jin said, “Dan-bi is like a Dan-bi like her name,” Kim Dan-bi said, “I can’t even remember if the last championship was in 2012. I will tremble like an aspen tree in the playoffs,” he said, looking at Park Hye-jin. Director Wi also said, “There is only one ball, but Hyejin is making sacrifices, not sacrifices. In the short game, the experienced Hyejin will share the burden of her danbi.”

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