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‘Poisoned Holy Grail’ director Kim Ki-joong also declined, who will take the baton of Heungkuk Life Insurance?

 Heungkuk Life Insurance, who hardened former manager Kwon Soon-chan for not understanding, is having difficulty appointing a command tower to lead the team.

Heungkuk Life Insurance’s manager position is called the ‘Poisoned Holy Grail’. Even if the season performance was good, it would lead to a questionable resignation, leaving a bad aftertaste.

The hardship of the late manager Hwang Hyun-joo was the beginning. Former manager Hwang was sacked in February 2006 during the season, and Heungkuk Life Insurance was in first place at the time.

Former coach Kim Cheol-yong, who took over the baton, led the team to a combined championship in the 2005-2006 season, but was dismissed while preparing for the 2006-2007 season.

The same goes for coach Kwon Soon-chan, who took office ahead of this season.

Heungkuk Life Insurance announced the resignation of director Kwon Soon-chan on the 2nd. Former coach Kwon was recognized for his leadership by raising Heungkuk Life Insurance, which was only 6th out of 7 women’s clubs last season, to 2nd by the 3rd round this season.

In particular, on the 29th of last month, Heungkuk Life Insurance beat Hyundai Engineering & Construction, which was the overwhelming leader, and tied the score on points, rising to a position worthy of showing its greed for first place in the regular league. 토토사이트

However, coach Kwon Soon-chan, who signed a contract with Heungkuk Life Insurance on April 1 last year, put down the baton after just nine months. Hard in nature.

After Director Kwon stepped down for an unclear reason, the baton of Heungkuk Life Insurance became the target of avoidance.

After coach Kwon left, Heungkuk Life Insurance played a game against GS Caltex on the 5th as acting manager Lee Young-soo, but even this acting manager resigned immediately after the game and agreed.

Accordingly, Heungkuk Life Insurance hastily appointed director Kim Ki-joong as the next command tower on the 6th. However, on the 10th, coach Kim Ki informed the club of his intention to decline the appointment of the manager after careful consideration.

Coach Kim Ki-joong said, “The coaching position is a difficult position even if you are trusted inside and outside the volleyball world, and the current situation that can cause various misunderstandings is a burden.” It seems,” he said, revealing the reason for the decline.

It is evaluated that the successive resignations and examinations of the coaches are expected steps. There was a belated apology regarding the club’s management, but now no command tower wants to hold the baton of Heungkuk Life Insurance, which is called the ‘grave of the directors’.

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