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‘Postman’ Malone, 4 billion won ‘windfall’ thanks to Jordan… 1992 Olympic Jordan autographed jersey auction

If you put the name of ‘Basketball Emperor’ Michael Jordan, everything becomes money. The value of an object with his autograph is beyond imagination.메이저놀이터

So Jordan filed a lawsuit against the companies that made a lot of money by doing business under his name without permission.

‘The Postman’ Karl Malone (ex-Utah Jazz) made a fortune thanks to Jordan.

Malone recently auctioned off a jersey with Jordan’s autograph on it, raking in 3.03 million dollars (about 4 billion won).

The uniform was worn by Jordan at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Jordan wrote “Good luck to Carl” and signed it underneath.

At the time, the United States formed the strongest ‘Dream Team’ in history to wash away the shame of only winning a bronze medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. The best superstars of the day, including Malone, Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird participated.

Malone also made a total of $5 million, including selling a Bird jersey for $360,000.

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