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Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Britain’s richest man, American capital… Manchester United’s new owner candidate revealed

Profiles of people who want to buy Manchester United have been released.

The British ‘Daily Mail’ reported on the 9th (Korean time), “Five serious bidders have appeared in the war to buy Man Utd. As it progresses, the Qatari private investor group is likely to clash with four rival groups.”

In November of last year, Manchester United said: “The board is starting a process to find a strategic alternative to the club. This is to promote United’s future growth, with the ultimate goal being to be the best in both the competitive and commercial aspects. New investment in the club, We will explore all alternatives, including sales and other transactions.”

The Glazer family, the owners of Manchester United, entrusted the sale process to the investment banking firm Lane Group, which had carried out the sale of Chelsea. The Glazer family is known to want £6 billion (approximately 9.1761 trillion won) for Manchester United, but the exact price was not disclosed.

As of now, it is known that the Qatari Private Investor Group is leading the takeover race. They are not related to the Qatar Sports Investment Authority (QSI), which owns Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), so there is no problem with the ownership of the club. 온라인카지노

The Middle East’s oil money is not limited to Qatar. ‘The Daily Mail’ reported that “Those who have signed a confidentiality agreement have been given access to a ‘data room’ where United’s financial details are stored. Several officials in Saudi Arabia, not including Newcastle’s owners, have now been granted access to the data room. It seems that they will make an official offer, it is unclear.”

In addition, Jim Ratcliffe, a long-time Manchester United fan and one of Britain’s biggest billionaires, has also directly expressed interest in taking over. Ratcliffe, who was named the UK’s richest man in 2018, is believed to be planning to raise money from US banks such as Goldman Sachs.

In addition, it is currently being reported that American companies are interested in acquiring Man United. According to local reports, the first bid for the acquisition of Manchester United is expected to close within the next week. Only after the bidding closes will it become clear who is trying to become the next Manchester United owner.

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