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‘Rabbit’ golfers, aiming for the 2023 championship

 Reporter Moon Seong-dae = The Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour and Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour ‘Rabbit’ players are determined to do well in their year.

Korean male and female golfers are sweating hard to make up for their weaknesses throughout the winter. Players who won last year once again challenged to the top, and players who were sluggish began to quench in earnest to win.

Heo In-hoe (36) and Maeng Dong-seop (36) of the KPGA Korean Tour are showing extraordinary determination.

Heo In-hoe, born in 1987, is a veteran with a total of 5 wins (4 wins in Korea, 1 win in Japan tour).

Heo In-hoe showed confidence, “My son will be born in February of this year. I want to become a great father by getting good grades.”

Maeng Dong-seop, who has three wins on the KPGA Korean Tour, dreams of a new leap forward in the Year of the Rabbit. Maeng Dong-seop participated in a total of 15 competitions in the 2022 season and had a successful comeback season by passing the cut in 7 competitions including 4 top 10.

Maeng Dong-seop said, “There is a celebration in which my daughter is born in April this year. I want to be a proud father to my daughter.”

Jeong Chan-min (24), born in 1999, Go Gun-taek, Lee Jae-kyung, Kim Eui-in, Park Hyung-wook, and Yoon Do-won are also aiming for victory.

Jeong Chan-min and Ko Gun-taek aim for the first win on the KPGA Korean Tour in the 2023 season.

Jung Chan-min, who debuted last year, participated in 14 competitions and succeeded in passing the cut in 7 competitions, including two top 10s. However, his number of top rankings was small.

Jeong Chan-min said, “I won the ‘Long Hit Award’, which was my goal for 2022, but it was regrettable that I could not achieve the championship. In 2023, my goal is to record my first win. I will make up for the short game that was lacking last year and increase the fairway landing rate to achieve my first win. I will challenge myself,” he promised.

Go Gun-taek, who is in his fourth year on the tour, is knocking on the door to win every year. He tied for 4th at the KB Financial Liv Championship last year, posting his best ever result. Looking forward to his first win in 4 years since his debut.

Lee Jae-gyeong, who won two wins on the KPGA Korean Tour, is also sweating hard to make up for the sluggish performance last season.

Lee Ga-young and Hwang Jung-mi, born in 1999, reported their first win last year. This year, he will try to win again by making up for his shortcomings. 메이저사이트

Lee Ga-young said, “I will train with a focus on physical fitness and short games during the winter,” and Lee Ma-ryeo said, “I will do my best to prepare better and show better results than the 2022 season.”

Park Hyeon-kyung, who was undefeated last year, is aiming to restore her honor this year.

Park Hyun-kyung said, “It was a pity that I couldn’t win. So it was a season where I had a lot of earnestness for winning.” Raised.

Ji-hyun Ahn and Ye-rim Choi, who were born in 1999 and were the same age as hers, who unfortunately missed the championship last year, also challenge for the first championship in their lives.

Ahn Ji-hyun said, “It was very difficult because I could not achieve any of the goals I had set. On the one hand, I learned and felt a lot. I believe that it will serve as a foundation for my future tour life.” It wasn’t good. My score last season was 70,” he said, predicting a good performance this time.

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