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Ransom soared by 50 billion in three months, ‘cost performance’ Tottenham fell into trouble

Tottenham Hotspur’s concerns grew. The ransom of the 2022 World Cup star in Qatar is on the rise.

Major media such as the British popular ‘Mirror’ reported 메이저사이트 on the 12th (Korean time) that ‘Aston Villa’s goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez is a target for major top teams in the summer transfer market. However, he seems happy at the villa and has no intention of leaving.”

Tottenham are concentrating on scouting a successor to Hugo Lloris. So many candidates were mentioned. Jordan Pickford (Everton), Yashin Bunu (Sevilla), of course, Martinez came into sight.

Among them, Martinez is Tottenham’s favorite signing. While experiencing the World Cup with a sense of stability, the ability to coordinate the back that does not shake in big games is like vitamins to Tottenham, who are always unstable in defense.

As time goes on, the ransom price goes up. Immediately after the World Cup, the transfer fee that Aston Villa thought to put Martinez on the market was around 27 million pounds (42.9 billion won).

However, Martinez’s dream grows and Villa is also a mindset that if a transfer is possible, it will be sold at a high price. Currently, the world’s best goalkeeper ransom is Kepa Arrizabalaga (Chelsea) at 71 million pounds (112.9 billion won), followed by Alisson Becker (Liverpool) at 65 million pounds (13.4 billion won).

The media currently sees Martinez’s estimate at £60 million (95.4 billion won). Villa also thinks it’s not bad to put a premium on the ransom with the World Cup as a turning point. It is more so in that it is Argentina’s first championship in 36 years since the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.

Martinez has a contract with Villa until the summer of 2027. Considering that he was recruited for 17 million pounds (27 billion won) at the time of his transfer from Arsenal in 2020, it is a really big deal.

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