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 Real-life version of ‘Sanwang Technical High School’ KGC’s overall performance was perfect. 2nd place LG 22-point lead run

Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation was strong. He showed perfect performance in the first half. It was like watching the real version of Sanwanggonggo, the strongest slam dunk player.

KGC beat Changwon LG Sakers 89-67 in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball regular league home game held at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 15th, and set a tie record for the most 9 consecutive wins in the team’s career.

The fight for 1st and 2nd place. A fierce battle was expected, but KGC mockedly overturned expectations. KGC, which recorded 32 wins and 11 losses, took the lead with a 4.5 game difference over 2nd placed LG (27 wins and 15 losses).

▶ First half = KGC Oh Se-geun, who reminded us of the slam dunk Sanwanggong High School,

scored the first goal. Byun Jun-hyung and Abando in succession 2-2, there was an open chance in the mid-range, and he succeeded lightly. Afterwards, when I had a 3-point open chance in Pick & Pop with Byun Jun-hyung, I hit even this.

On the other hand, LG’s two post-ups by Marey were blocked by Spellman’s tenacious defense. One of KGC’s greatest strengths is that it is highly competitive by position, and there are many players with high BQ, so they choose the most efficient scoring with organic passes.

LG’s defensive organization is quite solid, but KGC did not overdo it, created an open chance with a momentary mismatch and quick pass timing, and it was connected with a shot with high probability. In the process, Oh Se-geun scored 8 points, including 2 3-point shots. 13-5, KGC took the lead.

LG wasn’t easy. An extra pass that started with Kwanhee Lee, Wonsang Yoon’s 3 stores. Lee Kwan-hee’s steal followed by 3 points to chase 6 points. All of them were scored in transition situations. Definitely a single scene that showed that LG is also a team well qualified to take second place this season. A tight but high-level battle continued, befitting a match between teams for first and second place. Marey began to exert its power. Break through Spellman’s physical fight, and cast a 1v1 post-up. Then Spellman responded with a 3-run. After Spellman grabbed the offensive rebound again, Spellman, Oh Se-geun, and Abando’s triple team tried to attack. Abando’s foul, but one of Marey’s weaknesses is his free throws, both of which are missed.

KGC easily added 2 points with Moon Seong-gon and Oh Se-keun’s big-big pick & roll. KGC’s lead by 24-15, 9 points, while widening the score. LG also got a foul free throw from Marey this time, but only one was successful. Then, this time, Abando attempted a 3-point shot, drawing a foul from Lee Kwan-hee. Abando succeeds in all three.

LG kept ignoring Lee Jae-do’s drive-in, one of Lee’s signature plays. KGC then made another three-point play with Moon Seong-gon taking advantage of a mismatch this time and scoring under the goal and Lee Kwan-hee’s foul.

LG was impatient, and the attack route became monotonous. In the end, KGC led by 13 points, 30-17 in the first quarter.

The variable in this match is the operation of LG’s second unit. Competitiveness by position is ahead of KGC. However, for LG, the second unit has been completed. Based on this, they press the opponent with strong activity and physical strength for 40 minutes. Comparatively, KGC’s sixth man layer is thin. Core Oh Se-geun, Yang Hee-jong, and Monroe are veterans. In the battle of physical strength, it is bound to be at a disadvantage.

In the second quarter, LG operated a second unit led by Kim Jun-il, Justin Gutang and Dante Cunningham. The beginning of the second quarter was important. In order to make a winning point in the 4th quarter, the LG second unit needed to fight.

LG’s attack was urgent. Lee Kwan-hee’s mid-jumper airball, and Gutang’s unreasonable breakthrough continued. An unusual LG attack. It was also because KGC’s well-organized defense and skill gave strong pressure. 40-21, 19 points with 7 minutes left. If it happened any further, it would be difficult for LG. LG pursued by 15 points, but Yang Hee-jong’s 3-point burst. ear steel. KGC’s second unit was so seasoned. In the end, Yang Hee-jong’s mid jumper led KGC by 45-25, 20 points.

For LG, Kim Jun-il was impressive. He got a foul free throw against Yang Hee-jong, and also made a mid-jumper in a one-on-one matchup with Oh Se-geun. However, KGC responded by utilizing various attack routes each time.

In the end, with Oh Se-geun’s 3-point burst, KGC’s lead was 59-37, 22 points.

It was not easy for LG to release the attack with a set offense in a situation where the transition was almost blocked. KGC had many players who knew the pulse of defense. Because of this, the LG attack was in a hurry, and there were many unreasonable shooting selections. On the other hand, KGC made good use of LG’s impatience. KGC showed perfect performance like Sanwanggonggo, the strongest slam dunk player, with almost no weaknesses in the first half. On the other hand, LG collapsed momentarily under pressure from KGC.

▶Second half = KGC lead by 30 points. Beginning of LG’s counterattack

KGC is Bae Byung-Jun’s mid-jumper with a unique motion offense. Afterwards, Moon Seong-gon’s quick attack due to Lee Jae-do’s mistake continued. Air flow was as natural as flowing water. LG chased after Jeong In-deok’s 3-point corner, but this time, Byun Jun-hyung succeeded in a 3-point play by winning a 2-2 with Oh Se-geun, who mixed hesitation leisurely, and even a free throw by breaking through the bottom of the goal. 66-40, KGC’s lead by 26 points.

LG needed Marey to break through from under the goal. By the way, Spellman held up so well under the goal. Missed bottom shot. Immediately, Oh Se-geun’s 3 stores exploded. While looking at his hot hand, Oh Se-geun performed a gesture of disbelief.

71-40, 31 points behind. The moment you thought that victory or defeat was virtually decided, LG’s counterattack was fierce. Lee Kwan-hee exploded 2 rooms in 3 stores. Rookie Yang Jun-seok also made a breakthrough with a 3-pointer. The LG transition became more natural little by little. In an instant, the score gap narrowed by 20 points. In addition, Byun Jun-hyeong was dismissed for 5 fouls. In the end, 77-59, KGC’s lead by 18 points. It was true that they were leading comfortably, but LG’s last-minute chase in the third quarter was unusual.

Early in the fourth quarter, Cunningham scored on a fast break. KGC’s attack efficiency plummeted. The physical burden and the absence of main ball handler Byun Jun-hyung had an effect. The problem is that LG’s outlying grapes didn’t listen to each gobi. Lee Kwan-hee’s 3-pointer missed, and Yang Jun-seok also threw a pass miss and a 3-point airball. Yang Jun-seok, the first pick in the rookie draft, definitely has a sense for shooting and passing. However, he still has a lot to supplement. The flow of reading the game and the ball handling that stabbed the weak points of the defense were insufficient. There is a basic limit to speed, and because of the lack of power, it may take a lot of time to adapt to the pros if the two abilities are not outstanding. 77-63, KGC’s lead by 14 points. If it wasn’t for LG’s attack mistake, it was a flow that could have been narrowed down to within 10 points.

It was a race against time. The remaining time is 6 minutes and 2 seconds. KGC is Spellman and Oh Se-geun’s 2v2. Oh Se-geun received a foul. The place of victory, a high-probability attack. KGC’s strength came from the place of competition.

ran away by 16 points. LG seldom scored a decisive goal in a stalemate. In the end, 18 points again, KGC’s lead, time came within 3 minutes of the end of the game. Bae Byeong-Jun’s bottom-of-the-box shot broke and the score was 20 points. It was the moment when victory or defeat was decided. 스포츠토토

KGC struggled in the middle of the 3rd quarter and the beginning of the 4th quarter, but was strong. In a word, it was perfect except for the ups and downs in the second half due to the physical burden.

Byun Jun-hyeong, Moon Seong-gon, Oh Se-geun, Spellman’s perfect core, calm game operation according to the opponent’s defense, and high-probability shooting selection. Here, he had tough defense and airborne organization. Moreover, Greg Monroe and Yang Hee-jong were waiting on the bench. At the moment of crisis, firefighters who could put out the fire at any time were on standby. Before the season, there was also an evaluation that KGC’s second unit was weak, but this part was also supplemented during the game. It seems that this evaluation needs to be revised.

On this day, LG played a game that was not like LG. He insisted on a quick, simple attack. There were unavoidable choices due to KGC’s strong defense, but LG’s unique basketball was needed in matches against strong teams. However, the activity and defensive organization shown in the second half pursuit were still good.

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