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Real Madrid had a chance to sign D. Silva, but ‘rejected’ → Amazing reason “There is no star quality!”

Real Madrid had an opportunity to sign David Silva. However, it was rejected just because there was no ‘star quality’.안전놀이터

He is a ‘legendary’ midfielder from Spain. He is 170 cm tall and his physical strength is not great, but he has good foot technique as a Spaniard and his ability to break off pressure is the best in the world. He also has a good body balance, so he doesn’t get pushed back in competition with opponents, and his ability to solve the game with good vision and passing is excellent.

He started his career at Valencia. He developed through loan spells at Eibar and Celta Vigo and became a regular starting pitcher in the 2006–07 season. This season, he appeared in 51 games including cup competitions, scoring 9 goals and 5 assists, and jumped to the ‘core’, and just before moving to Manchester City, in the 2009-10 season, he appeared in 40 games including cup competitions, achieving a career high with 10 goals and 11 assists. did.

So in 2010, Silva left for Man City, the ’emerging powerhouse’. But before moving to Manchester City, he had an opportunity to move to Real Madrid. British media ‘The Sun’ said, “In 2010, Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, tried to sign Silva for 30 million pounds (approximately 49.2 billion won).”

Real was active. According to a report by ‘The Sun’, citing ‘The Athletic’, then-president Pérez even approached him after the Valencia match and told him to pack. Afterwards, President Perez’s nephew and Silva took pictures, and the possibility of going to Real only increased.

However, the transfer did not take place. This is because Real Madrid rejected the signing of Silva first. The reason was astonishing. This is because the ‘star’ was not seen in Silva. ‘The Sun’ said, “After studying Silva’s character, Real Madrid decided that he did not seem qualified to be a star at the Santiago Bernabéu.”

In the end, Silva headed to Man City, not Real Madrid. And he became such a huge ‘star’ and ‘legend’ that a statue was erected in front of the Etihad Stadium. 60 goals and 106 assists in 309 matches in the English Premier League (EPL) career. Man City total 436 games, 77 goals and 140 assists. He also scored 35 goals in 125 matches for Spain, and is still showing his skills even at Real Sociedad, where he is spending his last years.

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