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‘Robot referee’ judges ball for ‘fair entrance exam’ in high school baseball

The robot judges, and the referee only delivers. The ‘robot referee’, which will appear in high school baseball next month, took a test today (28th). Will it be accurate enough to replace a human

He protests by slapping the bat at the plate and throws off his helmet from the dugout.

This is the reaction of professional 메이저놀이터baseball players to judgments that are different from expectations, and it is inevitable to be sensitive even in high school baseball, where the results of the entrance exam can change with each judgment.

However, from next month, players and parents may feel a little relieved.


The robot judges the ball by following the trajectory of the ball with three cameras, and the referee just passes it on.

Both the pitcher who threw the ball and the catcher who caught it were satisfied.

[Ra Hyun-woong/Daejeon High School Pitcher: If the machine becomes a bit more accurate, it seems that the game can be played well without complaints when used in actual matches.] [Lee Min-gyu/Daejeon High School Catcher: I think the accuracy is definitely there.] But 3


ago , It is the same method as the robot referee introduced in the futures league of professional baseball, so the task remained to set up a strike zone wide enough for a baseball with a diameter of 7 cm in all directions to suit high school baseball.

[Lee Seung-cheol/Korea Baseball Softball Association Referee: I think that the height should be reinforced and the low ball and side ball on both sides should be reinforced.]

The robot referee will be in charge of judging the ball in place of a human from the round of 16 of the National High School Baseball Championship next month.

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