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“Ronaldo’s Cursed Departure”… Debut delayed further

Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut is expected to be delayed more than expected. The reason is the foreign quota.

Al Nasr officially announced the signing of Ronaldo on the 31st of last month (Korean time). Last year, Ronaldo, who appeared on the famous British broadcaster Piers Morgan’s talk show, made inappropriate remarks about Manchester United, the team he belonged to at the time, and was controversial, and his contract was terminated by mutual agreement. After the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Ronaldo had to find a new team.

Originally, Ronaldo wanted to remain in Europe, especially for a big club. He wanted to continue his European Football Association (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) career. Ronaldo put offers to several clubs, but no European team reached out to Ronaldo. Instead, he invited Ronaldo from the Middle East, offering a huge salary. Ronaldo ended up going to Saudi Arabia.

At his inauguration ceremony, he even exchanged greetings with fans, but it was known that Ronaldo’s debut would be delayed. This is because Ronaldo caused controversy by striking the hand of an Everton boy fan in a match against Everton in April of last year when he was playing for Manchester United. The England Football Association (FA) fined Ronaldo 50,000 pounds (about 75.5 million won) and suspended two matches in November last year. According to FIFA rules, this punishment was to carry over after his transfer.

Word came out that the debut match might be delayed. Because he has no place in Al Nasr’s foreign quota. The UK’s ‘Daily Mail’ said: “Ronaldo’s cursed start has become even more bizarre. It is still unclear when Ronaldo will be able to play for Al-Nasr, as Al-Nasr currently exceeds the foreign player quota and cannot register Ronaldo on the roster. do,” he said. 스포츠토토

For Ronaldo to play, one player has to leave. The media reported that an anonymous Al Nasr official told ‘AFP’, “Al Nasr has not yet registered Ronaldo on the list because there are no vacancies for foreign players. It has to end,” he said.

Al Nasr currently has Vincent Abubaka, David Ospina and Luis Gustavo. The player believed to be leaving to make way for Ronaldo is known as Zaloliddin Masharifov, an Uzbek national.

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