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Samsung Fire Blast, sung by Ikbairi and raised by Kim Jung-ho

It’s a terrible storm.

Men’s professional volleyball Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance has changed 180 degrees. Until the 4th round, there were many matches where I lost helplessly. In round 5, the atmosphere changed. He has been winning the last 4 consecutive games. Apposite spiker Ahmed Iqbairi (27, registered name Ikbairi) and outside hitter Kim Jeong-ho (26) lead the team.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance remained at the bottom of the seven teams with 19 points (6 wins and 18 losses) until the 4th round. In the final game of the 4th round, the Woori Card match, they made a turning point by winning a set score of 3-2. Then, on the 3rd, we won the Woori Card match (3-0), the 7th Korean Air match (3-2), and the 11th OK Financial Group match (3-0). They earned 27 points (9 wins and 18 losses). It narrowed the gap with KB Insurance (32 points, 11 wins and 16 losses) in 6th place.

Ikbairi, who joined the V-League this season, took the lead. In the beginning, I didn’t play the role of a solver properly. Round after round, he got on track. The attack success rate, which was 47.33% in the first round, was raised to 55.66% in the fifth round. The season record was 681 points in 27 games and an attack success rate of 49.62%. He was ranked 3rd in league scoring, 9th in attack success rate, 4th in serve (0.505 per set), and 10th in blocking (0.383 per set).

Kim Jung-ho worked together. Debuting at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the 2017-2018 season, he was traded to KB Insurance after one season. In November of last year, at the beginning of this season, he returned to his home team through a trade. 바카라

There were ups and downs in each round, but they fought hard. He smiled with 49 points in 3 matches in the 5th round and an attack success rate of 68.85%. In particular, on the 3rd, Woori Card roared with 11 points and an attack success rate of 90%. On the 11th, the OK Financial Group Jeonseo became a Distinguished Player with 19 points and an attack success rate of 70.83%.

He scored 333 points in a total of 27 regular league games, with an attack success rate of 53.85%, a receiving efficiency of 31.46%, and a dig set of 1.386. It ranks 3rd in attack success rate in the league and 10th in defense (3.386 per set).

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance will face Hyundai Capital on the 15th. He lost his 4 matches this season and lost his pride. It is the first win in the head-to-head match, and the team is aiming for a 5-game winning streak. Ikbairi and Kim Jeong-ho will lead the way.

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