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“See you later, Williams” A hit…and a hit…and a hit, less take-backs, six hits in three games, and a shift in the opposing defense.

Hit, hit, hit, hit.

Hanwha Eagles’ foreign-born slugger Nick Williams (30) batted second and left field against the Changwon NC Dinos on Sunday and hit three consecutive singles. With the bases loaded and the game on the line, he pounded the opposing pitcher. This is the kind of performance Hanwha fans have been waiting for.

메이저사이트 First and third in the fifth inning. He hit a double into the right-center field gap, bringing home the runner from third. The game-winning hit in a 2-3 deficit. Another sharp swing in the top of the seventh inning, trailing 4-5. With the bases loaded, he sent a pitch on a similar course to his previous at-bat. A second tying double.

After Williams’ tying hit, the center field lineup came alive. No. 3 Roh Si-hwan singled and No. 4 Chae Eun-sung blasted a two-run homer. 8-5.

Trailing 8-7 in the top of the eighth, No. 2 hit a single to right field. With Williams at the plate, three NC infielders made a defensive shift to move between first and second base. Three hits in three straight at-bats.

Recalled from the disabled list in late June. Flashed early, then slumped to the bottom. Slumped into a severe hitting slump and dropped to No. 8. The foreign batsmen who were supposed to be the solution in the center field didn’t show up at all.

Hanwha’s bench had a lot to worry about. Aside from Noh Si-hwan and Chae Eun-sung, the two center fielders, the bench lacked a consistent batsman, and the foreign batsmen brought in as replacements became a hole. Williams, who lost his confidence, was less talkative.

Park Jae-man 기자
다고 한다. A vicious cycle of sluggishness ensued.

Coach Choi Won-ho said, “I recently reduced the take-back motion when hitting. I’ve reduced the take-back motion when I’m hitting lately.” A concise and impactful swing became possible. Choi and the rest of the coaching staff have been working hard to revitalize Williams.

“I’m still adjusting,” Williams said.

The effect has been to improve his hitting recently. He had a six-game hitting streak from Aug. 11 against the Doosan Bears to Aug. 17 against the NC. He had a four-game hitting streak starting on Aug. 13 against Doosan. In the three-game midweek series against NC, he had six hits, including one home run, and six RBIs. All three of his hits on the 17th went for extra bases.

The batting order, which had been hovering around the seventh or eighth spot, moved up to No. 2. He has developed a synergy with leadoff man Moon Hyun-bin.

Despite Williams’ big game, the team came up short. They lost 9-10 in the 10th inning of extra innings. It was a very disappointing result, but Williams gave them hope.

Jae-Man Park 기자
Park’s batting average has risen from the low-to-mid teens to the double digits. Through 17 days, he’s batting 2-for-27 with 121 hits in 30 games. His batting average in scoring position has risen to 2-for-6.

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