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‘Selection and concentration’ BOS chooses ‘4-year-old ↓’ Deverse instead of Bogatz

It was not possible to catch both large players to be on the market within a year. The choice of the Boston Red Sox was Rafael Devers (27), who is four years younger than Xander Bogarts (31).

ESPN, an American sports channel, reported on the 5th (Korean time) that Boston and Devers had agreed to an 11-year contract extension worth 331 million dollars (approximately 421.7 billion won).

This includes the one-year, $17.5 million contract announced on the 4th. In reality, it is a 10-year-$313.5 million extension contract.

Previously, Boston did not catch Bogarts, who came out on the free agent market. Bogaerts left Boston and signed an 11-year, $280 million contract with the San Diego Padres.

Boston, which let go of the franchise star, signed the largest contract in the history of the club with Devers, who was in the final year of eligibility to apply for salary adjustment.

After Bogarts left for San Diego, Devers’ chances of staying in Boston became very high. However, it is surprising that Devers signed with Boston without appearing on the market.

The reason Boston chose Devers over Bogarts is simple. He is 4 years younger. Devers is just 37 years old, even in the final year of his 11-year contract.

Bogatz, on the other hand, was born in 1992 and will turn 41 in the final year of his 11-year contract. For an athlete, being in your late 30s and early 40s is very different.

It’s a big difference between fitting the first season of his new contract at 27 and starting at 31. So it seems that Boston chose Devers.

It is also expected that there will be a difference in terms of future attack performance. Devers and Bogatz’s wRC+ last year were 141 and 134, respectively. 스포츠토토

Boston chose Devers without catching both players who had been breathing for a long time in the infield. It remains to be seen what consequences this choice will produce in the future.