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“Shouldn’t I pick it up?” Ahn Woo-jin was eliminated from the entry, public opinion in the baseball world was different

Ahn Woo-jin was eliminated from the WBC (World Baseball Classic) entry. It is possible to replace the entry, but the possibility of additional selection is quite low.

The WBC national team technical committee held a meeting on the 4th and announced the final entry of 30 players. The WBC may be changed even after submission of the entry. However, the national team confirmed the de facto final entry early. If an injured player or a player who cannot be drafted comes out, there will be some changes, but the big picture is not expected to change.

Ahn Woo-jin (Kiwoom), who was at the center of the controversy, failed to board. Ahn Woo-jin was suspended from the national team by the Korea Baseball Softball Association for school violence while in high school. The WBC is a professional tournament, not hosted by the Korea Baseball Softball Association, an amateur league, so it has nothing to do with discipline. As a qualification, you can become a WBC representative. However, after much consideration, the national team decided to exclude An Woo-jin from the entry. In terms of skill alone, he is the best pitcher in the league, but it means that he will block controversy in advance. Technical Committee Chairman Beom-Hyeon Cho explained, “The criteria for selecting players were selected in consideration of various factors such as the symbolic meaning of the national team representing the country, responsibility, and pride, along with the skills of the players.”

In fact, in the baseball world as a whole, there was more public opinion that ‘we should choose’ about An Woo-jin’s selection as the WBC representative. A number of key figures in baseball were asked for their opinions. Official A said, “I’m careful, but I think it should be selected. Shouldn’t the current best pitcher go to the national team? This WBC is very important to Korean baseball. Isn’t there a problem with the rules? There are still controversies, but only skills. If you look at it, you have to make a selection,” he said. Other officials also agreed with A’s idea. It seems that the characteristics of the WBC tournament, not an amateur organized international competition, were taken into account. Official B said, “The WBC is a professional event that is different from the Olympics and Asian Games. An Woo-jin’s disciplinary action is over, and I think there is no problem as the player himself has consistently shown an attitude of self-reflection.” 메이저사이트

He also had the opinion that ‘preconditions’ should be attached. Official C said, “He is a player who should become Korea’s ‘ace’ in the future. From the outside, it seems that he is trying to solve the issue without avoiding it.” I think it’s best to show him wearing the national team uniform after resolving it as soon as possible. Also, personally, I hope that the KBO level campaign to eradicate violence in academy sports will be held.” Another official, D, also said, “I think it is okay to enter the WBC entry immediately if an atmosphere that fans can sympathize with and understand is created.”

There was also an opinion that shouted strictly ‘against’. Official E said, “Athletes who have caused social controversy, such as school violence, cannot become national representatives.” Another official also expressed concern, “It is correct not to select Ahn Woo-jin. It could be like telling the fans that winning is everything.”

The KBO and the technical committee of the national team were burdened with issues related to An Woo-jin from the beginning. This is because it can lead to a liability dispute. In a situation where the pitcher’s power is evaluated as weak, the bold exclusion of Ahn Woo-jin seems to be an intention to block the controversy in advance and not to create a ‘responsible job’ itself.