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Sky72 “Request for livelihood of workers, resumption of sea course business”…Incheon Airport “Stop unauthorized occupation”

 Correspondent Hong Chan-seon = Sky72 Golf Club, which had a dispute over the ownership of the golf course with the Incheon International Airport Corporation, proposed to the corporation that it would transfer the business if the same conditions were guaranteed for 3 years to maintain the livelihood of the lessee and caddy. However, the company vehemently rejected this.

Sky72, on the 17th of last month, in order to maintain the livelihood of 1,100 workers, including tenants, subcontractors, and caddies, whose livelihood was hit by the Supreme Court’s enforcement, the construction was guaranteed the same conditions for at least 3 years on the 6th and the condition of resuming badacos business announced on the 7th that it proposed a business transfer to

In addition, it added that it requested that the business of the sea course be resumed for the livelihood of the employees and maintenance of the golf course until the process of business transfer and succession of the status of the sports facility business is completed.

The Supreme Court’s compulsory execution last month was a result of Sky72 continuing its business even after the corporation won the first trial, the appeals court, and the Supreme Court in the real estate extradition lawsuit filed by the corporation against Sky72.

Previously, Sky72 had signed a lease contract for the golf course site owned by the corporation since 2005 and operated the golf course and clubhouse. The contract expiration period was until December 31, 2020, when the corporation built runway 5.

However, when the start of runway 5 was postponed, Sky72 demanded an extension of the operation, and conflicts began between the two sides.

Eventually, Sky72 continued to operate for more than two years after the contract expired, and the corporation filed a lawsuit for the delivery of real estate to Sky72, and the Supreme Court eventually sided with the corporation on the 1st of last month.

The corporation said, “With this execution, we have recovered the occupancy of the sea course, which accounts for the largest part of the golf course.” I hope you will hand it over to the corporation,” he urged.

Accordingly, Sky72 argued that the livelihood of related employees was threatened as the business of Sky72 Badacos was suspended due to the enforcement by the Supreme Court.

In addition, Sky72 explained that it proposed an alternative to the corporation that meets the interests of all stakeholders to resolve the dispute and requested active mediation from Incheon City, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and the Ministry of Culture and Sports. 온라인카지노

Regarding this, the corporation said it deeply regrets that Sky72 unilaterally proposed the temporary resumption of business for the Bada course, which has completed the acquisition and execution of the transfer of golf course business.

Regarding Sky72’s request to resume business during the succession process, discussing the livelihood of related workers, he emphasized that there is no justification or practical reason for resuming the operation of Badacos, which has been compulsorily executed.

Regarding the employment problem, he added that the KMH consortium, which is a follow-up operator, is currently preparing solutions for job loss, such as preparing succession agreements with small businesses.

An official from the construction said, “Sky 72 has continued its illegal business under the pretext of the results of the prosecution’s investigation after the court’s judgment, and we believe that there is a hidden intention to continue business by presenting another excuse.”

Sky72 said, “We hope that there will be no extreme confrontation and physical conflict,” and “we hope that the dispute will be resolved amicably for the transfer of business and the succession of the position of the sports facility business.”

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